The Soul Society Mastermind Membership

The Soul Society is a mastermind activation stimulation that allows the understanding of the soul’s frequency and an unfolding of its potential as we move through experience.

I like to be thorough especially when it comes to sharing and teaching my approach to experiencing life here in the 3D as divine beings in a human experience because it is a continuous process of evolution and growth that requires us to yield the need for control and understand the underlying principles and energies that govern life in 3D so we can apply them for evolution.

Activating the soul’s frequency to learn about and master our vessel of existence by understanding divinity is an integral part of our experience in this cosmos.

It is where we are able to unlock the technology of our divine existence and transmute the secrets that lie buried deep in our genetic blueprint to embody the power, divinity and sovereignty of our being just as we are.

I made it a membership because it is an ongoing process that we continuously move through over lifetimes.

The process of evolution and growth is never ending.

Energy never dies it is only recycled and repurposed.

As we move throughout lifetimes, we will continue to shift and evolve so I wanted to create this in a way that would allow me to bring you along on this journey and allow us move through this process together and be able to look back on the lessons and how far we’ve come from where we began, sweeping back the veil and uncovering as well as remembering aspects and facets of our being that have long been buried and forgotten.

Cultivating the awareness of our divinity is a process that takes practice and discipline, but once you’ve cultivated that, there is no going back. You can no longer keep your eyes closed to the magick of daily life, or your ears plugged from the frequencies of all that is around you, or your power locked deep in the bowels of the vessel of your existence.

It opens and gives access to the channels that allow the flow of your life force essence and energy. The power that fuels your vessel and keeps you from turning to dust.


Exponential Evolution

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Embodying The Sovereign Self

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The Painchaser’s Club: Into The Shadowlands

The Portal Of Alchemy

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Live Sessions

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Private Community Access

I want to invite you to join me on this journey of reclaiming and activating the soul’s frequency to remember our true power as we move through the realms and dimensions of adventure and discovery into the vessel that holds all of existence.

Transform into an elevated version of all that you currently embody.

Cultivate the awareness of the truth, power, divinity and sovereignty of your heritage.

Learn the elements, aspects and concepts that make up your Divine Essence and enable you to claim your space in the cosmos with confidence and capability.

I would love to have you come along on this evolutionary experience!

Get access to 9-months of community, content and support for a fraction of the value.