The Sacred Sanctum

The Sacred Sanctum is a luxury holistic lifestyle, business and brand alchemy micromind experience that provides guidance and support for individuals who desire to plan with clarity, set stellar goals, outline operating systems, develop sustainable structures and take aligned action that will set solid foundations and enable them achieve their long term projections, as well as direct the movement and flow of power in order to attain higher levels of elevation, evolution and expansion throughout experience.

This will enable you to create a vision to move toward with clarity and guide your self down the path of fulfilling your desires without losing sight of your aim and staying focused on the big picture.

It will help you define in simple terms your overall mission with the objective of maximizing your strengths whilst minimizing your vulnerabilities by employing the skills, talents, abilities, knowledge, resources and assets embedded in your unique design to achieve success as well as determine the scope of your ambition and the best path to achieving it.

We will outline the aspirational plans, overarching purpose and intended direction of movement which you desire to take in order to create beneficial change that results from your will, intent, desires and ambition, and enables you to cultivate a sense of direction, discovery and destiny on your fated journey moving forward.

This experience is for the one who is committed to showing up in their integrity and truth of their desires, dedicated and determined to make manifest their wildest dreams, driven, focused and disciplined in their ambition to produce the vision of their highest, truest and purest form, committed to showing up completely for themselves and seeing themselves through the fluctuations that show up as they make progress on their journey.


This is for you if:

You are ready to step into your power and support the manifestation of your highest and greatest good.

You are driven by the desire and passion to create more wealth, abundance, impact and legacy on this planet for yourself and the collective.

You feel called to be self led, sovereign and motivated in bringing forth your creative power and potential through your experience.

You desire to activate your power and initiate a transformation into your elevated, evolved and expanded self.

I am here to remind you of all that you already know and believe to be true about yourself and your potential, guiding you through the portals, pathways and programs that will enable you to show up and lead your self through the process of activating your leadership and sovereignty, utilizing it as a driving force for your growth.

You will begin to see from a higher perspective that will activate shifts within your vessel, allowing you to embody and embrace the changes you need in order to step into the purpose of your being and begin to systematically and strategically carry out your life’s mission.

You will begin to observe with clarity the vision of what you desire to create and the legacy you have chosen to build as well as a clear path to manifesting these desires.

You will begin to embody your divine essence and cultivate your life force power and vitality, channeling it to create peace, abundance and overflow in your life.

You will begin to tap into the abilities that will enable you achieve anything you set your mind to, release the fear that holds you back from pursuing your passions, live by standards you’ve created for yourself, focus on your values, beliefs and principles rather than those of society and position yourself to live up to the rise of your self expectations.

You will remember that you are a powerful eternal being capable of and designed to create life by trusting your inner voice and allowing your self to be led by your intuition, instinct and intellect.

You speak up for the things that matter to you and allow them lead you to meaningful discoveries that enable you achieve success as well as express and experience gratitude for all you’ve been given, utilizing it as momentum for multiplication.

You will let go of all patterns of pain, resentment and retaliation that have stripped you of your energy, consciousness and vitality, and kept you from pursuing your dreams, living with passion and moving towards your goals with fortitude.

You will embrace your strengths and vulnerabilities and bring all of who you are to the table in an assertive and forthcoming manner that honors your needs, opinions and actions, enabling you to stand for what is right for you, and surrounding yourself with what supports and grows you.

We are building a community of individuals who are assertive in their inquiry of self; articulating their creative ideas, sharing the data and reasoning behind those ideas as well as inquiring into the thought and reasoning of external forces and influences.

These ones engage in the intelligent allocation of resources by utilizing a unique system of aligned activity to achieve set goals.

They uncover potential opportunities for creating value within their experience to ground themselves in their vision, mission and values, taking the time to channel and focus their energy and resources in ways that will enable them reach desired and intended outcomes.

As a part of this collective, you can begin to calibrate to the frequencies of freedom, power, abundance, prosperity and overflow in all areas of your existence by developing a blueprint for the fulfillment of your goals, dreams and visions and improving the flow of information within your vessel.



•Portal 1•

Uncovering Your Creative Potential

Peel back the layers and expose the extent of your latent ability to produce original, dynamic and adaptive work by committing to creative mastery and innovation that will allow you view and solve problems with openness as well as broaden your viewpoint and perspective with diverse knowledge and information.

•Portal 2•

Unlocking Your Divine Blueprint

Release the seal on your unique vibrational code and personal frequency by connecting back to the remembering of your divine truth to activate source power within and develop a detailed plan that enables and allows you create the reality you desire.

•Portal 3•

Unveiling Your Operating System Framework

Pull back the curtains of the portals, pathways, programs and processes that manage and support your basic daily functions to allow the flow of communication within your vessel and enable the execution and completion of tasks.

•Portal 4•

Unpacking Your Divine Devotions

Analyze the elements in your experience that inspire and anchor deep love and loyalty in your being by systematically deconstructing these ideas into smaller digestible concepts.

•Portal 5•

Unleashing Your Alchemical Strategy

Powerfully process and release the matter and components that make up the foundation of your transformation into the elevated and expanded state of being you are desiring to create by understanding, integrating and utilizing the knowledge and information gleaned from your experience.



Monthly Mentorship Meetings

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By proceeding to make your payment for this program via the payment portal below, you are agreeing to the terms of this contract which state the following:

All mentorship meetings and chat support will take place over a five month period.

You are required to make a one-time payment of $44,444 to participate in this program.

There will be no refunds after purchase.



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