Take charge of your experience and set the foundation for an elevated and consciously curated lifestyle that supports your highest good on all levels and acts as a catalyst for your evolution and growth.

This process has changed the way I show up in my experience and allows me to make whatever it is I desire manifest in my life. I take myself through this process often, especially at the beginning of a new season or cycle in my life to serve as a roadmap and blueprint for the fulfillment of my dreams.

I have refined it over the years to create maximum potency and exponential evolution. It is an experience that will set you up with the confidence and clarity you need to open up to receiving whatever it is that you desire, to accomplish your goals and to fulfill your highest ambitions.

It is an opportunity to create and curate a plan and strategy map that provides structure and enables flow by balancing the subtle energetics of your being and providing a solid foundation for your life, legend and legacy to be built upon.

By utilizing this method and process, you can begin to seamlessly transition through the seasons, cycles and fluctuations of life so you can show up in excellence and create the capacity to be more, hold more and experience motion, momentum and magnitude as you expand through self.

Its a 7-day Immersive Experience and we begin on the 23rd – 29th of January 2022.

We will move through the seven portals that give access to the potential of creating a luxury holistic lifestyle and business experience.


Lifestyle | Learning breath through the motions.

Femininity | Elevating the frequency of divinity.

Business | Cultivating absolute sovereignty in what you are concerned with

Wellness | Building strength, capacity and resilience through discomfort.

Style | Planting seeds of creation through expression.

Beauty | Drinking from the fountain of radiance, effervescence and vitality.

Alchemy | Embodying union within the self.

I invite you to join me in this experience as I share the structure and flow of how I create, curate and manifest across boards through my life experience so you can create the results you desire for your self.

I would love to have you be a part of this experience!