The Elevation Portal

Welcome To The Elevate Portal Mentorship Experience Beautiful Soul!

Lead yourself consciously through your experience with power, passion and presence.

My work with you is simple yet profoundly transformational.

I guide you through the portals, pathways and programs in your experience that lead you to the next phase in your ascension process.

I activate the power and potential embedded in your genetic code to embrace your dreams & desires, and carry out your vision for your life

I facilitate your journey of self discovery and remembering your origins so you can align with the truth and purpose of your being.

It is my desire to guide you to your dreams and desires so you can ignite your creative potential and be empowered to stand confidently in your sovereignty as you navigate your experience.

It is my desire to enable you deepen your connection to source through an embodied luxurious and holistic lifestyle and business alchemy practice.

You will begin to activate and embody your true identity as well as ignite purpose within your vessel.

You will become attuned to frequency of divinity and become acquainted with the sweetness, lightness and bliss that come with raising your vibrational frequency on your path to ascension.

This is what is available to you now.

Consciously Curating Your Experience.

Developing Your Dreams, Vision Leadership & Legacy.

Evolving Your Unique Expression, Perception & Aesthetic.

Embodying Your Divine Essence.

Experiencing The Absolute Truth & Power Of Your Divinity.

Grounding Your Vessel Of Existence.

Anchoring Into Your Truth.

Transforming Your Energy, Consciousness & Strategy Through Life.

Transcend Your Environment & Manifest Your Elevated Self.

You are driven by desire and passion to create more wealth, abundance, impact and legacy on the planet for yourself and the collective.

You are desiring to be self led, sovereign and motivated in bringing forth your creative power and potential through your passions.

You have a mission to complete and a life to live with peace, pleasure and love in expansive ways.

You have potent vials of medicine and nuggets of gold that are revolutionary and transformational to offer through your work and powerful presence.

You know that you can handle and overcome whatever comes your way and are ready and willing to confidently lead your self to your highest dreams, goals and visions.

I am here to act as your guide and mentor through the process and journey of activating power, potential and purpose within your vessel through this experience.

I am here to remind you of the truth and origins of your being in this present moment.

I am here to guide you to find your way by utilizing my program as a template for elevation, expansion & expansion.

I am here to show you how to tap into your frequency and utilize your self sourced power.

I am here to activate your leadership and sovereignty and utilize it as a driving force for your growth.

This mentorship is open to soul led individuals who are desiring to experience more and are dedicated and devoted to elevating into higher levels of excellence in their life and business.

I’m calling in sovereign self led individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, starseeds, lightworkers, bloggers, influencers, creatives and guides who are ready to powerfully lead themselves in their potent medicine through their evolution, and are seeking guidance and support to move through this elevation and expansion.

We will focus on setting solid foundations for your business to generate abundance, developing your full expression of self through style, curating your luxurious life experience, optimizing your overall wellness in a holistic way, enhancing your inner beauty so it shines outwardly, expressing the mystery of your divine feminine essence, attuning to the frequency of divinity that you are and transforming your entire state of being by activating your connection to source.

You will learn how to transform and elevate your experience from the inside out, this will enable you to attain self sourced peace, power and prosperity, and be fully expressed in the absolute truth of your power, potential and purpose here on earth.

• Elevate Your Business •
Plot your business development project and set a solid foundation for the fulfillment of your dreams, vision and legacy.
Curate a sensational brand identity that is a representation of your divine cosmic essence.
Demystify the sacred sequence and make for for an abundance and overflow of wealth in your life.

• Elevate Your Style •
Develop your signature style Persona and evolve your expression, perception and aesthetic.
Create a signature capsule collection by selecting statement style elements that express and represent your essence.
Curate a seasonal style collection rotation to embrace elemental changes on the planet.

• Elevate Your Life •
Cultivate a frequency of slow luxurious living by consciously curating your experience.
Develop a holistic nutritional plan that supports healthy development, structural integrity and cellular regeneration.
Create a safe & secure home base where you can be free to find peace and rest.

• Elevate Your Wellness •
Decode your spirit’s blueprint and ground yourself into your experience.
Unlock your body’s intelligence and activate self sourced power from within.
Master your mind’s frequency and attune yourself to the frequency of divinity of all that exists.

• Elevate Your Beauty •
Enchant your vessel with nutrition and experience the absolute truth and power of your divinity.
Curate a Glamour Beauty Capsule that creates the foundation for your inner beauty to expressed externally.
Develop and practice sacred beauty rituals that act as a catalyst for the manifestation of love in your experience.

• Elevate Your Divinity •
Understand the laws of the cosmos and epitomize aligned mastery within your vessel.
Personify absolute radiance within your vessel and embody your divine essence.
Harness your unbridled creative power and chaos for growth.

• Elevate Your Spirituality •
Listen to your Soul’s song and anchor into the truth of your being.
Discover your Ego’s identity and utilize it to navigate your outer world
Expand your Conscious Clarity and use it as a tool for growth.

• Elevate Your Alchemy •
Step into the realms of infinite potential and transform your energy for evolution.
Unearth the magnificence of your divine expression to ignite source power within.
Calibrate to portals of higher excellence to create, curate and manifest your highest dreams and desires.

You will receive:
Weekly Intensive Private Mentorship Sessions guided by your elevation plan to support you on your journey where we will have the opportunity to dive deeper into topics of your choosing.

A Weekly 15-minute Phone Call.

Personalized Alchemical Experiences to deepen your awareness, embodiment, alignment and integration.

Weekly Elevation Medications to activate and enforce your creative power & potential.

Unlimited Chat Support (M-F) in between calls to ensure you are fully guided and supported in this container.

The Elevate Playbook (valued @ $111)

How It Works:
Once you click to apply, you will be guided to complete an application form and schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see if it’s a perfect fit for us to work together and co-create your elevation into your evolved and expanded self.

I carefully select and work with a limited number of clients at a time to ensure everyone gets the time, attention and support they deserve.


If you have any questions, kindly send me a DM at @theunfilterededit or an Email at