Are you ready to step into the world of infinite potential and set the foundation for your 7-figure business?


In this masterclass, we go over the what, why, and how of animating your business and bringing your brand vision to life.

We dive deep into what it means to create a business and brand that represents your legacy, why it matters that you be intentional about the process, and how to create, cultivate and optimize the systems and strategies necessary to make your vision a reality.

Covering all the basics of what you need to know when getting started as a business, establishing your brand presence and persona, focusing your effort and energy to leverage available resources, opportunities and scale with ease both online and offline.

Dig deep into what it takes to develop and cultivate a business and brand that stands the test of time, understanding the energetics and principles that keep industry running.

When you’re not grounded in your identity and all of who you are or how you present yourself to the world and there is an absence of pure personality and authenticity in your brand, it’s easy to become a slave to your business.

Your ability to utilize the technology and communication systems the universe has provided is limited and the knowledge of how to cultivate the network and contacts you need to propel your career forward are missing.

Interactions with your clients and audience are transactional at best leaving no room to cultivate long term mutually profitable relations and you are left depending on certain clients for sustenance.

You do your best to create value and make profit but you have no plan, foresight or oversight in creating a financial system that increases profits, grows revenue, manages cashflow and secures funding for the growth of your vision, and the capabilities you need to lead and progress your vision on your desired trajectory is lacking.

The clash between internal and external factors reek havoc against each other leaving you in a spin and struggling to find balance and create a sustainable system and lasting legacy.

You lack the understanding that every resource is critical to the smooth operation of a business. Sudden and unpredictability shifts by a key resource can prove hazardous, finding premiumly skilled talent to meet your needs can take forever, maintaining and motivating current key players may not come naturally and can be overlooked. This can be extremely exhausting, frustrating and discouraging but remember:

🔥 Everything you need lies within you, you just need to tap into it and express your divinity through your multidimensional business.

🔥 The universe will fill your cup if you allow it to, be open to acknowledge the tides shifting and receive what lies in store for you.

🔥 There is no better time than now to own your power, step into your freedom, embody your truth, create value and manifest your potential.

At this point it’s important you cultivate your vision, plan and strategy.


Introducing Business Alchemy, a process that relies on art, science, logic, intuition and spirituality in equal measure to transform a business, increase it’s value and allow it fulfill it’s unfolding potential by understanding the energetics of starting, running and scaling.

A Business Alchemist is someone who analyzes a business to identify problems and opportunities which involve understanding and developing capabilities of organisation as well building strategies and initiatives to execute that vision.

Utilizing skill, knowledge, experience and intuition to guide decisions and stakeholders to the right outcome. Someone who understands the environment and resources in which the business operates and is trusted to observe data, identify options and make valuable recommendations. Who moves to understand the strengths and opportunities of the business and the needs of it’s clients and taking aligned action resulting from effort to create desired outcomes.

This is Business Alchemy.
A magical process of combination, creation and transformation. Gathering and analyzing data to form insights, a change agent that turns insights to action, problems into solutions, data into decisions, complexity to simplicity, ideas into vision and words into action.


Join me in this Masterclass to unlock and uncover the potential that lies dormant within you and gain clarity on your vision.

Learn the components you need to know and understand in order to set a solid foundation for your business and brand. Understand the energetics of starting and running a thriving multidimensional business, knowing how to utilize the principles of business alchemy to maximize effort and manifest potential.

Become all that you envision your business to be by aligning with your purpose and potential on new trajectories to fulfil your vision and mission as a framework for building a legacy of impact and transformation that outlives you.

Simplify the planning process and tailor it to your unique needs to create a plan that grows, develops and cultivates your priorities to avoid common pitfalls, cultivate holistic habits and make an overwhelming process digestible.

Take control of your life and business. Save time, energy and resources on your journey of creating value and building legacy as you develop and demystify the process of growth and expansion.


Join me on this unfolding adventure as we peel back the layers and dimensions of creating and running a successful business and building the impact and legacy we envision by utilizing universal principles to unlock and harness the full potential of our businesses and transmuting the unbridled chaos we find all around us to unveil something of eternal value.

Let’s have a conversation about one of the topics that is near and dear to my heart and has lead me through my journey of actualization and ascension thus far.

Coming to the understanding of energetics in this area of wealth creation has been one of the most pivotal shifts in my life and I would love to share my realizations with you.

Through my journey, I made mistakes and learnt as I went along, worked hard when I could have chosen to work smart. But all of it has brought me here today. Exactly where I need to be.

I’m going to share with you wisdom that I believe can be a calibration to exponential wealth if you desire to let it be so.

I have curated an expansive experience that is completely free where we will go over the key areas and energetics which any business or brand need to understand and maximize in order to achieve success and create value.















I would love it if you would join me on this 11-day journey to business transformation through alchemy!

5th – 15th JULY 2021