The Clarity Clubhouse

The Clarity Clubhouse is a luxury holistic lifestyle, business and brand alchemy micromind experience that provides guidance and support for individuals with the desire to create, curate and manifest an exceptional experience that allows them channel and focus their energy and resources on leading their lives in the direction that they desire, developing a business game plan that promotes growth, and building a brand identity that is a true and authentic representation of who they are.

Gaining clarity on our paths as we move through experience gives us a definitive direction and allows us create an intentional path as we move towards our aligned version of success.

It enables us to highlight our dreams, passions and ambitions, as well as troubleshoot and transmute the vulnerable aspects of our vessels and being as we move through our life experience.

This experience is for the entrepreneurs, artists and muses of the world.

The creatives, problem solvers and iconic leaders looking to make manifest the ultimate experience that they dream of and desire.

It is for the ones who are ready and willing to take matters into their own hands and take responsibility for the direction and trajectory in which they choose for their lives to unfold.



•Portal 1•

The Lifestyle Blueprint

Develop a satisfying lifestyle blueprint that caters to your needs as you move through the fluctuations that come as a part of experience.

•Portal 2•

The Business Roadmap

Outline a stellar business roadmap that creates room for elevation, evolution and expansion to take place within the vessel.

•Portal 3•

The Brand Toolkit

Curate a sensational brand toolkit that enables the authentic expression of truth to be made manifest within your environment.



Monthly Mentorship Meetings

Voxer or WhatsApp Chat Support

The Clarity Clubhouse Playbook

The Clarity Clubhouse Private FB Community where you will have access to short lessons, mini trainings, hotseat coaching and Q&A sessions



By proceeding to make your payment for this program via the payment portal below, you are agreeing to the terms of this contract which state the following:

All mentorship meetings and chat support will take place over a three month period.

You are required to make a one-time payment of $33,333 to participate in this program.

There will be no refunds after purchase.



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