How To Find Your Personal Style

Personal style is important, I've written about it before. It's so important that I'm writing about it again. Style is how we express our internal experience to the external world, so I think it's something we should take the time out to carefully create. After all your reputation always precedes you. Building a mindful closet… Continue reading How To Find Your Personal Style


Bedroom Etiquette

I don't know where the culture is taking us, but I know I'm also not sure I'm on board with all the changes that are permeating our existence. The pace is unsustainable and the practices are sub par. We need to step it up cuz tbh we're becoming too lazy and comfortable where we are.… Continue reading Bedroom Etiquette


4 Steps to Finding Your Signature Style

*Step 1*Refine Your ConceptMake mood board, list the elements you love and want to incorporate into your style, pick a colour palette that suits your taste and skin tone. *Step 2*Figure out Your Wardrobe NeedsBody type and colouring, lifestyle job and hobbies. All these things play a huge part in your choice of clothing, it… Continue reading 4 Steps to Finding Your Signature Style