Memoirs Of A Muse

How To Be Productive & Stop Procrastinating

Productivity is our effectiveness when it comes to creating something. There are things that decrease our productivity and things that increase it. If you're interested in effectively creating, here are my best tips for increasing your productivity. 1. Intrinsic Motivation: Satisfaction in Itself.Inspired action, natural inspiration. Call it what you want. The hack is to… Continue reading How To Be Productive & Stop Procrastinating

Memoirs Of A Muse

A Call To Action

It is time for a revolution. I think with everything that's going on the world a lot of realizations that I knew have begun to manifest themselves into our physical reality. We have to make a decision. We have to decide that we are not going to live the way we've been living that hasn't… Continue reading A Call To Action

Memoirs Of A Muse

Ways To Build Confidence & Self Esteem

Knowing who you are doesn't just happen. You aren't just born and boom! Grounded in self. No. It takes work and it's a gruelling painful process with highs, lows and everything in between, cuz you know what? Nothing in life just happens like that, everything is a process. What matters is what you choose to… Continue reading Ways To Build Confidence & Self Esteem

The Goddess Code

The Truth About Being A Feminine Asset

An asset is something that brings value. A lot of beliefs concerning being a valuable asset have been distorted and these distortions are what we have conditioned our minds to accept as what being an asset is. What we fail to realize is the originators of these mindsets and conditioning created them cuz they served… Continue reading The Truth About Being A Feminine Asset