The Sublime Elevation Immersion

Sublime Elevation is all about tapping into the frequency of divinity and embodying your unique blueprint of feminine magnetism and masculine electricity.

Stepping into your role as the co-creator of your reality.

Taking charge of the way you choose to create your life, legend and legacy.

Allowing the alignment and direction of divinity to flow through you.

In order for one to calibrate to the frequency of the creator, one must first learn to come in to union within their being.

To learn to match the rhythms and vibrations that connect you to your divinity.

Engaging in evolution from cellular to quantum.

The process of evolution through the elevation of experience.

Sublime Elevation.

Excellence, opulence and integrity to our divine being.

The process of integrating all aspects of the self and finding wholeness within our being to activate power, divinity and sovereignty to co-create reality and experience.

Breaking down the bonds of the past.

Beholding all we have in the moments that are present.

Building the legacy of our future.

Every contact a divine experience of unfolding magick and chaos.

Sublime Elevation is a program and experience that will enable you to unearth, unlock and uncover you divine design and blueprint as you move and flow through this life’s journey. It will bring to your awareness all that you need to set the foundations for a luxurious and holistic life and business experience that is the fulfilment of your highest dreams, desires, goals and visions.

It is for the one who is ambitious and knows they were created for more.

To receive more.

To give more.

To hold more.

For the one who desire to have more, to create more, to offer more.

Pour rocket fuel across your consciousness and set all that you know and believe to be true on fire.

Allow your self unveil and come to the awareness of how much more you have access to.

Align with your Divine Design and come into union with all that you already are.

Cleansing your vessel.

Embodying your truth

Nourishing your soul.

Evolving into the fullness of your being.

Radiating the beauty of you immaculate divinity.

Presenting yourself to all just as you are.

Projecting the essence of your being out into the world.

We were born into this experience with skills, abilities, gifts and tools that we were not taught to utilize and handle or work with.

In this program, we learn as we grow.

Laying concepts bare to be explored and expanded as we evolve through being.

It is an 7-week Activation Immersion that will enable you to unveil your Divine Blueprint, tap into your life force essence and curate a sublime life and business experience that supports and is worth the absolute divinity that you are.

It enables you to activate and connect back to channels of pure potential magick and chaos to remember the truth, power and sovereignty of your divinity and come back into union within the self.

Through this process, you will come into union within and without your being by mastering the foundational elements that make up a luxurious and holistic life experience.

I will guide you through the understanding of what it means to calibrate to the frequency of our Divine Creator so we can rise in excellence.

Unboxing the alchemical programming to enable you to implant, transmute and cultivate new programs that will support your evolution and growth over lifetimes into your consciousness, presenting the processes, portals, pathways and pillars in a practical way that will give you something to hold on to as navigate your experience and sharing cheatcodes to help you tap into your true power and energetic ability to advance your life force essence with ease.

This process will elevate your frequency and enable you to translate your power into the abundance that is your birthright and that supports your growth and the growth of all by elevating your self and bridging the gap between who you are now, who you were designed to be, and who you will choose to become.

Leaning into the desires of The Creator for you.

Bridging the gaps within your vessel of existence and coming into union as one with all that is and exists in the space of limitless potential. The meeting point of all that is unknown.

Unearth and activate your Divine Blueprint so you can begin to step into the vision of how you truly see yourself to be, and more importantly how The Creator sees you.

Dive into your inner world and get to know more about the source that sustains all life, the source of your strength.

Catch and decode the messages, become aware of the synchronicities that present themselves on your path and enable you to choose more of what it is that you desire.

Place your self on the trajectory of your soul’s aligned path, empowered to stand in the true expression of your self through experiences that are built from the ground up and are tailored to your unique design.

If you are ready to dive in to the burning cold waters of existence and unleash your true power, join me on this joyride and journey of uncovering the layers that make up being, pulling back the veil of the unconscious to reveal the masterpiece that is you, claim a seat on this ride at pre-sale price now!

The journey begins on the 20th of February 2022.

I would love to have you join me on this!