Skull Sessions

Skull Sessions are a luxury holistic lifestyle, business and brand alchemy mentorship that provides support and guidance for individuals whose desire is to cultivate the mental fortitude that they need to withstand and resist the fluctuations that come as a part of experience, master the energetics that will allow them to tap into higher realms of existence, and create a strategy that enables them to step into their elevated, evolved and expanded identity.

Stepping into higher octaves of your current experience, existence and identity will open up portals and pathways that allow you to be more fully expressed in your authenticity, to do more of what it is you have the passion for and to receive all that is your divine birthright as you journey through life and learn the lessons that will transform your perception and perspective as you move through experience.

This experience is for the one who desires to take control and responsibility of their experience by creating a blueprint that will give them the power to make their wildest dreams and goals manifest, create an experience that supports them in refining their expression, polishing their presentation, enhancing their vitality, activating their next level, connecting to source power within, growing their financial stability, embodying the essence of their divinity, utilizing the power of alchemy for growth and transcending their current reality and state of being.

We are building a community of new world leaders, teachers and mentors, through this experience you will be provided with the opportunity to connect to individuals with the same vision, values and vibration as you.



•Portal 1•

Lifestyle, Leadership & Design

Step into your leadership, design your experience and create a life you love.

•Portal 2•

Business, Entrepreneurship & Solutions

Build an organization that supports your ability to create value and solutions for your collective.

•Portal 3•

Style, Branding & Presentation

Express your unique and authentic aura with polished and pristine presence.

•Portal 4•

Beauty, Aesthetics & Communications

Enhance the beauty present within your experience.

•Portal 5•

Wellness, Vitality & Sustainability

Cultivate radiant effervescence and vitality within your vessel.

•Portal 6•

Evolution, Launching & Adaptation

Continuously evolve and grow as you move through experience.

•Portal 7•

Spirituality, Trade & Reciprocity

Expand your spiritual capacity to receive more, give more and hold more.

•Portal 8•

Finance, Wealth & Abundance

Cultivate lasting wealth and abundance throughout your experience for generations to come.

•Portal 9•

Divinity, Communion & Networking

Connect with your community and collective as you embody more of your authentic divine frequency

•Portal 10•

Alchemy, Resources & Metamorphosis

Transmute the lower octaves of your vessel and being for transformation.

•Portal 11•

Elevation, Scaling & Transcendence

Inhabit your elevated identity to scale & transcend your reality.



4 x Monthly Mentorship Meetings

Unlimited Chat Support

The Skull Sessions Playbook

Private FB Community where you will have access to short lessons, mini trainings, hotseat coaching and Q&A sessions



$13,333 monthly


$133,333 annually



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