The Goddess Code

Feminine Strategy 101

As a Feminine Woman, it's important to have a vision, focus and a direction of how you want your life to unfold. Without that you cannot accurately and effectively channel your Divine Power into manifesting what it is that you so desire. Feminine Strategy is the intentional use of femininity, soft power, feminine energy and… Continue reading Feminine Strategy 101

The Style Shaman

How To Find Your Personal Style

Personal style is important, I've written about it before. It's so important that I'm writing about it again. Style is how we express our internal experience to the external world, so I think it's something we should take the time out to carefully create. After all your reputation always precedes you. Building a mindful closet… Continue reading How To Find Your Personal Style

The Goddess Code

Flirt With Elegance & Sophistication

People often mistake sophistication for elegance. While it is possible to be both, you can be sophisticated without being elegant and elegant without being sophisticated. Elegance is graciousness in action. Possessing a sort of confident simplicity. While Sophistication comes from experience and knowledge. A lot of us have been taught that we shouldn't be flirts,… Continue reading Flirt With Elegance & Sophistication

The Goddess Code

Making A Good First Impression

98% of communication is nonverbal, so making a good first impression is not just about your sparkling personality or character. It's an essential life skill that you need to master. These are a few things that can help you make a good first impression. Posture Is Everything. Good posture creates an aura of confidence and… Continue reading Making A Good First Impression

The Goddess Code

Unladylike Behavior

Acting ladylike is not for everyone, but it does help in developing and cultivating your relationships. Acting ladylike is about respecting yourself, respecting others and communicating boundaries effectively. Here are some things that are not ladylike. Dominating Conversations.Okay, narcissistic much?!Chronic Messiness.Dirt, mess, clutter? Miss me with that shit.Social Climbing.I mean I'm all for hypergamy but… Continue reading Unladylike Behavior