I am extremely delighted to have you here in the moment sharing this glorious experience with me!

My name is Chalya J. Bitrus, and I’m a Luxury Holistic Lifestyle, Business & Brand Alchemist, I guide individuals who desire a more luxurious and holistic experience through the process and journey of creating, curating and manifesting their dreams, desires and destiny by activating their self-sourced power, sovereignty and connection to their divine essence to raise the standard and quality of their experience as well as introduce higher levels of opulence and luxury into their lives so that they can be fully expressed in their being as they evolve and grow through life.

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I was inspired to create this business & brand because I am completely obsessed with and love so much the all-encompassing entirety of the human experience, all the aspects that make up our perceptions as well as form our consciousness and the way we interact with our selves and others.

I desired a place where I could bring all those elements together in a way that made sense for me, where I could freely express my creative potential and share my gifts, talents, skills and abilities with the world.

I suppose that this desire was born because through my experience, I’ve never really felt like I fit in or was completely welcome anywhere because of how diverse, expansive and unconventional my ideas, interests, passions and being were. It was never an easy task to feel complete safe and whole in the spaces which I had been blessed and grateful to inhabit, so I decided to create that space for my self.

A space that would serve as a beacon for all who resonated with who I am, who desired a place where they could be fully expressed in the absolute truth and power of who they were.

I saw a world where we could all just be who we were designed and programmed to be, accepted wholly for the facets and aspects of our being, fully expressed as we are without judgement or censure.

So I set on the journey of first becoming all that I had envisioned, curating a life I had only previously dreamt of, creating a sanctuary for my divinity to embody and manifesting a haven for my vessel to rest in and be fully expressed.

I set out with the goal of remembering who I always knew myself to be, leading my self back to my self-sourced power, embodying my absolute sovereignty and reconnecting to the truth and power of my connection to my divine essence.

The goal of becoming all of me.

Living a luxurious and holistic life that is constantly evolving and metamorphosing into higher and more powerful octaves of itself has always been an experience that has appealed to me even when I had not the words to describe the feeling or desire.

The magnetic pull to pursue this was stronger than any I’d ever experienced. The electricity I felt moving through me was more potent than anything I knew. So I gave in, and through that surrender, I discovered the power of alchemy, the ability to transform base matter into glorious gold. It was as though I’d been completely cracked open, flung through a portal of infinite proportions and exposed to a whole new world full of wondrous possibilities to pursue, and I’ve never stopped or looked back since.

Now, I’m passionate about guiding myself and others through the never ending process and journey of curating conscious experiences for ourselves, developing legendary legacies that outlive us, evolving the way we express ourselves as well as experience our divinity, learning to embody our true essence by grounding our vessels and transforming our energies to ignite source power from within, and anchoring steadily into the truth of our conscious existence.

It is because of this passion, that I’ve dedicated my life as a committed devotion to the manifestation of this reality, and through this work I’ve been able to guide, mentor and impact lives, utilizing the portals, pathways, programs and processes I’ve accessed within my vessel and being, utilizing them to enable others step into the light of their most elevated and expanded selves that enables access to the power and sovereignty that lies deep within us to manifest lives we love, that support our highest good on all levels and are worthy of the absolute divinity that we are.

This world that I’ve created is for those who desire to step into the freedom and sovereignty of their being by unlocking their technology of existence, transmuting the secrets of the cosmos and embodying the truth and power of their absolute divinity.

It is for those who are ready and willing to lead themselves down the path of self-discovery, through roads unknown and on a journey of building a legend and legacy that goes on and on, creating ripples of change that are felt throughout existence.

For the one who is excited and committed to breaking free from the confines that have kept them bound, limited and unconscious in a world that they were designed to master and transcend.

In this world, you will be empowered and supported in uncovering your unique blueprint and peeling back the layers of your rare design to get to the core of your essence and activate your life force energy, which is the true source of your eternal power, and utilizing it to manifest your desires.

You will learn how to tap into the frequency of divinity within you and calibrate to portals of higher excellence for elevation, evolution and expansion.

It is my desire that you achieve mastery over your vessel and tap into the endless abyss of potential that is present in the purpose that is you, commanding it all to work for your highest and greatest good, through this experience that supports evolution and growth over lifetimes by creating a safe space for the expansion of capacity and the development of structural integrity that enables one cultivate vitality, clarity and support regeneration from a cellular to quantum level.

You can expect to receive channeled downloads from source, guidance, mentorship and wisdom that has been gleaned and garnered through the perspective of my unique divine experience.

If you are ready to take a deep dive into the burning cold waters of existence to discover, uncover and recover your power, passion, potential, peace and purpose, I invite you to join me on this alchemical joyride that will shake the foundations of your existence and transform your energy, strategy and awareness to nurture your soul, discover your ego and understand the manifestations of your self by accessing divine intuition, instinct and intelligence.

What sets this world apart is that we make shit happen.

Reviving what was once proclaimed dead in a passionate and compassionate way, and always overcoming obstacles by maintaining a healthy vibration, applying self-love and diving deep into the wisdom of the universe and ancestral knowledge that is embedded within our DNA and made available for us to tap into deeper levels of consciousness and divinity that are almost unfathomable and sometimes even  incomprehensible to the human mind.

Nothing is out of reach for us.

We are focused on creating new life, determined to remain eternally young, vital and effervescent in spirit, body and mind. We see through the eyes of a child and serve humanity with humility on a mission doing the work of the Divine Creator, God, The Source of all that is.

We know why we are here and are focused on the tasks at hand.

We are constantly elevating, evolving and expanding  to new levels of being, taking the time to create a better future whilst ensuring that we leave behind a meaningful past through our steady focus on enlightenment, analytical and self-empowered presence.

We possess no time to accommodate distractions that move us away from our aligned and embodied path and find joy and love in service, knowing our selves more and more through it all.

The potential that exists here is limitless.

The feelings stirred up are deep.

We are dreamers that come up with great and varied ideas, possessing the will and drive to accomplish anything as beings of love and light that help others ascend into their divinity.

We are deeply connected to our personal power and sovereignty, bringing harmony to situations and living a life that is an artistic masterpiece, a symphony of chaos and creation.

Bright, talented and filled with pure potential to fulfill purpose, protect our energies and see all with clarity.

We exude an energy that is magnetic, mysterious and overwhelming yet also calm, serene, bold and devoted to manifesting success by trusting ourselves and the favor bestowed on us by The Divine Creator, Source.

The difference here is that we are unbiased and thorough in our approach to discovering the wonders and mysteries of our luxurious universe.

We give off a vibration that is wealthy opulent, soft, all-encompassing and giving in all that it is and does.

We are radiant and fiery, full of light and love.

The biggest vibe yet grounded in truth. Sassy, amusing and intelligent, mixing and flowing well with all, yet firmly maintaining our boundaries.

We are multidimensional and multifaceted, embracing all the parts of all that we are as the wise leaders of the free world and presenting ourselves in our authentic truth, with every layer solid. Risk takers who leap in faith and believe in the impossible.

We are unstoppable, unshakable and unafraid to break the bounds of the status quo.

Our openness to new ideas enables us to give more and be a part of all, looking deeply into things to gain knowledge and expand our vessels of being, learning about the past, present and future by playing out scenarios embedded in our genetic code through our bodies and minds, utilizing the force of our spirit with an impressively expansive capacity, we are a force to be reckoned with.

We go after exactly what it is that we desire without seeking approval from anyone or anything, commanding, powerful and hypnotic in our lack of attachment, not caring what anyone thinks, and not trying to impress anyone.

We attune our frequency to that of divinity, never letting any obstacles distract us.

We are perceptive, insightful and good judges of character, no longer at war within ourselves. We know exactly what it is that we desire and have passion, direction and drive towards attaining it. We have goals and ambitions and are fully invested in living colorful lives that command attention wherever we go.

Through this unique experience in my world, you will learn to present your self in a polished, pristine and perceptive manner that protects your heart of gold with solid boundaries.

Your energy and personality will radiate with vibrancy and you will begin to activate and shine brightly the light that is within, choosing your self and peace over all, and connecting to spirit through your heart and your love.

There is so much depth, wisdom and empathy within you waiting to be birthed in its multidimensionality, ready to switch up your energy at will as well as dive into the depths of pain, transmuting it into love and power without seeking validation from external sources that do not give clarity on your path moving forward.

You will begin to embody your ability of analytically diagnosing problems and situations that come up in your experience to provide solutions that serve all.

Being patient with yourself.

Accepting your inner divinity.

Trusting your intuition.

All who experience, encounter and engage with this world are able to transcend and overcome anything by manipulating their energies as a way of reaching the unreachable and communicating with the collective to get things done; surrendered to our childlike nature in devotion to dancing with the symphony of all creation, naturally magnetic in our vulnerability and embraced fully in the depths of strength that come with it.

The energy is immersive and our ability to trailblaze exceptional.

Transforming energies and experiences by channeling emotions to produce our highest good, bringing together and uniting our wills in a passionate, soft and grounded way that creates a home within our vessel for all that we choose, handling all conflicts and dispersing negative energies within the spaces we move through, attracting exactly what we need from our thrones and remaining calm and composed through it all.

Meditating through the mysteries that allow clarity to come through with intoxicating ease and existing in a state of peace that is truly attuned to the frequency of the divine creator, our DNA proof that the energy of divinity within is terrifyingly electric yet magnetizing.

We need to tell our stories in a way that allows the energy speak for itself, exalting the mysteries of divinity in our lives, and allowing them guide us to who we truly are and trusting our honesty and authenticity to keep us grounded to the most high.

I stand for a world where we all get to choose to be all that we were designed to be, accepted for who we are, not who we are expected to be.

A world where we are fully embodied in our self-sourced power and are able to channel and utilize it to elevate our experience as well as contribute to the awakening and ascension of all that exists.

A world where we are united in love, sovereignty and freedom, liberated because we finally remember the truth and power of our origins.

A world where we all have a right to choose our selves, our desires, our passions, how we express and support our selves in creating, curating and manifesting the most luxurious and holistic experiences that enable our highest good and create a solid foundation for our evolution and growth.

This truth motivates me to continuously choose the work that I do and pursue the path I’m on relentlessly with the hope that all who come in contact with the parts and pieces of this masterpiece will be inspired to go within and activate their life force power.

I am driven to empower all with the knowledge that they are divine and eternal beings of love, light and wisdom placed on this planet to anchor in truth for collective benefit, for when one rises, we all rise as well.

As a channel of the Divine Creator, I serve as a vessel, beacon and guide for all those who stand for, embody and anchor in the codes of divine intelligence, primal instinct and sovereign intuition.

Leading my self and all who choose this path to the wellspring of unlimited abundant opportunity, and though I am still moving through these deep waters of chaos, I have come a long way from where I initially began. I know that the journey I have ahead of me is lined with more clarity than I can ever imagine and when I waver I know that I can always look back at all I’ve left behind and recalibrate my self to the alignment of my divine design.

I hope you find every experience and encounter within my world a calibration to your next level!






A curation of elements that make up existence.


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