Luxury Lifestyle Alchemy

Elevate your life experience by creating unmatched levels of comfort, elegance and ease.

Develop and cultivate rich luxurious rituals and practices that support you on your journey of evolution and growth over lifetimes.

Uncover the movement and manifestation of spirit, the essence of all that binds the whole of creation together and permeates all matter giving it substance and vitality.

Step into the field of infinite potential, power and possibility to activate your knowing and unlock the dimensions of existence that enable you to create a life experience worthy of your absolute divinity.


Connection Codes | Tuned In, Tapped In, Turned On.

Connect to your inner well of source power and wisdom to activate your life force energy.

The History & Artistry Of Humanity | Understanding The Meaning Of Culture.

Become aware to gain knowledge and remember your origins to reclaim your power.

The Dark Night Of The Soul | The Journey Of Stewardship & Ascension.

Dive into the deep abyss of your being to uncover, unlock and embody the sovereign truth and power of your divinity.

Self Love As An Art Form | The Dynamics Of Relationship & Responsibility.

Align with the essence of your awakened self by understanding the power of love and respect buried deep within you.

Cultivating The Growth Principle | The Nature Of Seedtime & Harvest.

Integrate the lessons, messages and downloads of your life experience to achieve success and manifest growth.

Abundance Magick | The Fundamentals Of Energetic Alchemy.

Transmute dormant genetic codes buried in your DNA to create infinite amounts of love, joy, peace, abundance and prosperity.

Life In Motion | Exploration, Enrichment & Experience.

Unlock the raw, wild and unfiltered essence of your potential through your life experience.

Continuous Holistic Transcendence | The Path To Holistic Wellness.

Calibrate to portals of higher excellence, health and wellbeing.

Embodied Holistic Sustainability | Creating Enduring Integrity.

Curate a life experience that takes you on a journey of evolution and growth over lifetimes.

Sovereignty | Embodying The Truth & Power Of Divinity.

Channel your intuitive knowing for guidance and freedom of being on your journey.


Alchemical Astrology | As Above, So Below.

Understand the course of your life based on the positions of the planets and zodiac signs at the time of your birth.

Divine information about your affairs and the events that occur in your life experience through the alchemical transformation of consciousness and awakening of spirit.

Interpret your relationship with the celestial bodies and get to know their influence on you and the natural world to unlock unlimited potential and opportunity.

Human Design Keys | As Within, So Without.

Learn how you were built, how your body works, the journey you are on, and how best you can utilize these keys and design to best respond to the world.

Access your body’s consciousness and ability to contemplate as a decision making tool that enables you live in your truest expression of self.

Guide yourself to live in a manner that is in sync with your unique expression and live in alignment with your true nature as you carry out your purpose through this life’s journey.

Ayurvedic Alchemy | Balance, Wellness & Vitality.

Integrate the knowledge and science of life to transform your daily experience and encourage the maintenance of health through mindfulness and an understanding of how to create balance of mind, body and consciousness.

Create harmony in your being to align with the universe and manifest abundance and vitality all around you.

Everything we experience reminds us that the entire web of life and existence is intricately interwoven to create absolute wellness of being.

Energetic Alchemy | Transmuting Experiences Into Life Force Vibrancy.

Develop your energetic awareness as a powerful way to move through your life experience with grace, ease and peace and experience more radiance, productivity and vibrancy.

Expand your sense of interconnection between and within dimensions that enable you to perceive from your aware, embodied, aligned and integrated experience by keeping your energetic body clear, light, present and empowered in your sovereignty.

Discover how to transmute your energy and shift your experience through this potent practice for increased harmony, resonance and vitality. Everything in the universe is made up of a complex network of energetic and electromagnetic fields that reside in the physical and subtle bodies. When you transmute your energy, you have the ability to transform your life.


Discovery Call

This call is an opportunity to get to know you better, understand your experience, unlock hidden value and see how best I can serve you by diagnosing your challenges and uncovering your needs as they relate to creating, curating and cultivating a luxury holistic life experience.

Clarity Session

This is a deep dive where I guide you towards finding clarity in your unique situation and unlock a clear strategy that is powerfully transformative so you can navigate where you are, shift your vision and focus to where you want to be, set clear achievable goals and take the steps necessary to improve your life experience, get to where you desire to be and sustain forward and upward movement on your trajectory.

Intuitive Guidance

This session is intuitive, creative and healing in nature. Focused on accessing higher guidance and wisdom wisdom from source for healing and empowerment. An evolving synthesis of living wisdom whose central purpose is to guide you into the field of your own genius and bring higher harmony back into your life.

Here we read the energies surrounding the situation and/or inquiry to find more clarity and support in your next steps. This will help you understand yourself, how you operate and more importantly why you are here. You will have the opportunity to connect with spirit as well as the freedom to express yourself, your questions and concerns.

Discover for yourself what you are capable of achieving and bring out your best by connecting to all that lies beyond the superficial and tuning into a clear knowing of what is true.

Activation Meditation

This meditation is designed to activate your life force energy portal by drawing light into your physical body through your energetic centers and permeate every cell of your being to enable you take the steps necessary to awaken and take charge of your life experience.

It allows you connect to your souls essence to access deep healing and remembering in your being to rejuvenate your system and access deep inner resources of restorative power, and return your mind and body to their natural state of peace, harmony, and perfect balance.

Blueprint Development

This is a birds eye view approach and conceptual design of a solution that enables you to guide your priorities by visualizing the components of your incarnated experience, interpreting the information provided and breaking down the elements to understand how they all work together as a whole and deliver practical solutions for daily operation.

Your blueprint should incorporate a deep rooted belief in your sense of self worth, dignity and integrity. One must have the determination to achieve excellence, be the best of what you uniquely are and commit to manifesting a life experience of love, beauty, and freedom of being.

In this section, we work together to create a unique design that gives an overview of what it will take for you to develop, curate and carry out your strategy to achieve success.


Through this calibration, you will become aware of your divine design, embody the power and potential of your presence, align with motion on the path to purpose on your chosen trajectory and integrate the knowledge, wisdom and sovereignty of your being with clarity and a focused, concentrated essence that abounds in vitality and wellbeing to improve the quality of your life experience. This outcome will manifest itself through the understanding, practice and cultivation of the codes in conjunction with your unique blueprint extracted from our session.

Join me in this session where we outline the problems and challenges faced so far on your path to curating a luxury holistic life experience.

Establish the goals and objectives you have for yourself, and create the systems, strategies and practices necessary to support you on your journey.

Let’s navigate the portals & pathways to your dreams, goals and visions.

The possibilities are endless!