CHAOS is a luxury holistic lifestyle, business and brand alchemy mastermind experience for high caliber souls with the desire to discover the depths of their true power, pursue their wildest passions and step into their infinite potential as they move through life calibrating to their highest states of being and discovering their creative identity.

This experience will enable you to curate an identity that serves as a true reflection of who you are and what you bring to the world, as well as utilize its purpose and presence as a vehicle to accomplish your goals, ambitions and objectives.

It is a process of understanding and putting together the elements that will animate your highest vision of self, enable you to integrate your genius and express the unique aspects of your being.

As we move through this experience, you will begin to tap into your self sourced power and align to your creative potential to produce passionate expressions of your truth.

You will become more comfortable embodying your purpose and unique identity, connecting to its power and carrying out your mission as you move through experience.

You are invited on this journey of discovering and embodying your unique frequency and sharing its expression with the world to create ripples that make an impact as you move through experience.



Portal 1•

The Lifestyle Signatures

Develop the elements that enrich and support your existence.


Portal 2•

The Business Identities

Engage in producing value within your environment and what you are concerned with.


Portal 3•

The Style Personas

Express your image, character and attitude with polished pristine presentation.


Portal 4•

The Beauty Profiles

Exalt the radiance, clarity and wholeness that gives character to your vessel and being.


Portal 5•

The Energetic Blueprints

Exhibit abundant vitality from within and showcase the actions that develop it over time.


Portal 6•

The Sacred Archetypes

Cultivate unity within your vessel and anchor into the depths of your being.


Portal 7•

The Soul Auras

Gain access to your unrealized potential and utilize its power for growth.


Portal 8•

The Abundance Templates

Anchor into new paradigms of prosperity and reclaim your birthright.


Portal 9•

The Magick Types

Open your channel for the expression of soul activating transmissions that enable you to follow your truth.


Portal 10•

The Motion Imprints

Create momentum and impact as you move through experience.


Portal 11•

The Divine Essences

Deepen the integration and embodiment of purpose in every cell of your being.



CHAOS is a 12-month mastermind experience where you get access to Short Lessons, Mini Trainings, Q&A Sessions and Hotseat Coaching on the scheduled portals and modules as well as voxer or whatsapp chat support and a Weekly Check-In Call as you move through the journey of discovering and embodying your unique frequency and sharing its expression with the world.

You will also receive as part of the experience The CHAOS Playbook as well as Sound Journeys, Subliminal Scenes, Fragrances Pathways, Magickal Recipes, Emotional Alchemy & Conceptual Cosms as a bonus to support your practice.



By proceeding to make your payment for this program via the payment portal below, you are agreeing to the terms of this contract which state the following:

All mentorship meetings and chat support will take place over the course of twelve months.

You are required to make a payment of $55,555 monthly or a payment of $555,555 annually.

There will be no refunds after purchase.



$55,555 monthly


$555,555 annually



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