Alma Mater

Alma Mater is a luxury holistic lifestyle, business and brand alchemy mastermind experience that acts as a portal of knowledge, a temple of guidance and a shrine of wisdom that provides divine communication, hidden revelation, insightful counsel, inspired precognition and prophetic predictions that enables information about the truth of life, the ideals that make up experience and the vision of absolute sovereignty be made manifest.

It is where we learn how to make everything we touch turn to gold, and those who desire to possess the knowledge, wisdom and learning that allows them connect their internal servers to external systems, as well as enable the automatic calibration and execution of aligned intuitive action based on input from reality for evolution and growth over lifetimes takes place.

You are invited on this journey of exploration to harness this chaos for evolution and growth, transmute the elements found within your experience and equip yourself with the knowledge, tools and information you need to take the first steps in manufacturing your destiny as we step into this new world paradigm by developing a roadmap that stimulates and inspires you to expand your capacity, gain perspective, identify challenges, maximize opportunities and set goals that enable you to achieve extraordinary outcomes, manifest your greatest potential, restore radiant vitality throughout your vessel and integrate source power to establish a vibrant link to the truth of your eternity.

It is for the ones who believe that they have the power and capacity to lean into their journey and allow the experience that was designed uniquely for them to unfold as they become aware of purpose and take aligned action in the direction of their goals.

It is for they who desire to empower and enable themselves in remembering their truth and finding their way back to their power.

It is for those who choose to activate their leadership abilities and channel their self-sourced power to accomplish their ambitions.

It is for the ones who long to make their vision and purpose manifest through this experience by connecting back to their sovereignty and attracting more ease, abundance and prosperity in their life.

It is for those who have decided to learn the elements and principles that will enable them to express their existence and access levels, realms and states of being beyond comprehension to create a reality that they desire.

It is time for you to calibrate to your true essence, activate your self-sourced power and manifest your pure potential as you move through experience.



Portal 1•

Luxury Lifestyle Alchemy

Create, curate and manifest an experience that supports your highest good on all levels and produces the capacity for evolution and growth over lifetimes.


Portal 2•

Entrepreneurial Alchemy

Lead yourself through the realms of infinite potential as you master your vessels direction, momentum and trajectory to create impact and legacy in all that you are concerned with.


Portal 3•

Style Calibration Codes

Develop your unique style blueprint and frequency and project your divine essence into your environment.


Portal 4•

Glamour Beauty Alchemy

Tap into the your life force essence and vitality to activate radiance and effervescence that permeates every fiber of your being and allows you to embody more magnetism throughout your vessel.


Portal 5•

Divine Energetic Alchemy

Understand your divine design to come into union within your vessel and release vitality throughout your being.


Portal 6•

Sacred Divine Alchemy

Come into the awareness of your divine creative power, passion, potential and presence for evolution and growth.


Portal 7•

Quantum Energetic Alchemy

Expand your understanding of existence and unlock dimensions of existence that enable you to create an experience that is worthy of the divinity that you are.


Portal 8•

Abundant Wealth Codes

Attune to your natural desires, inclinations and abilities, applying them in ways that enable you to create freedom and abundance in your life.


Portal 9•

Translating Alchemy

Express source power by understanding how to maintain integrity in your perception of knowledge as you move through experience.


Portal 10•

Alchemical Transfiguration

Utilize momentum to create change and tap into elevated states of being.


•Portal 11•

Alchemical Transience

Uncover the fleeting and transitory aspects of your vessels expression and identity.



Alma Mater is a 12-month mastermind experience where you get access to Short Lessons, Live Trainings, Q&A Sessions, Hotseat Coaching, Mini Masterclasses & Workshops on the scheduled portals and modules as well as Chat Support, Consultation Calls and Mentorship Meetings as you move through the journey and process of calibrating to your true essence, activating your self-sourced power and manifesting pure potential that will allow you to pursue your passions.

You will also receive as part of the experience The Alma Mater Playbook, Sound Journeys, Subliminal Scenes, Fragrance Pathways, Magickal Recipes, Emotional Alchemy & Conceptual Cosms as a bonus to support your practice.



By proceeding to make your payment for this program via the payment portal below, you are agreeing to the terms of this contract which state the following:

All mentorship meetings and chat support will take place over the course of twelve months.

You are required to make a payment of $77,777 monthly or a payment of $777,777 annually.

There will be no refunds after purchase.



$77,777 monthly


$777,777 annually



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