Transmuting the secrets of the cosmos, discovering the truth of your power & divinity, anchoring it into your experience with love, peace, joy & freedom.

Creating the abundance and prosperity you envision and desire for your life experience.

Your value is not just in what is tangible but in who you are.

The vessel that delivers transformation.

Birth your truest form and embody your potent medicine to serve your purpose & express your being.

It is time to take up space.

It is time to lead.

This is the journey you were designed to embark on.

Join me on this 33-day journey of Activating Your Alchemy.

It started as a feeling, and now it has grown into a hope.

Now you cannot resist the call.

It’s a deep desire you crave.

A knowing in your soul.

You are here to awaken and feel every last drop of power that flows through your being.

You are here to heal with your unique medicine.

To transform and leave a legacy.

In your spirit you know that your journey embodies your potent medicine, expressing all of you.

A journey filled with excitement, adventure and inexplicable bliss!

Every inspiration a masterpiece of Divine that empowers you, magnetizing in your desires, transforming the energetic and physical realms simply through your being.

What a wonder to behold.

You have all that it takes.

You are all it takes.

All that it takes to alchemize your state of being into love, abundance and freedom.

Fully embodied in your leadership and responsibility.

Unwavering in your confidence.

Aligned, creative and effortlessly flowing.

Magical and powerful drawing you in.

Let go of the resistance that has held you back.

You are exactly where you are meant to be on the path that guides you home.

Committed to uncovering secrets that have long been hidden, discovering the truth and embodying it all.

The beautifully expressed truth… YOU!

All of you in your Divine Glory.

Your truest activated expression lies in activating your alchemy by remembering the truth of your origins and present state of being and anchoring into your purpose beyond your current limits of expression.

Resting in the integrity of your truth.

Embodying all that you do and are effortlessly.

Igniting the confidence to guide yourself to full expression of self with power, clarity & excitement.

Designing a luxurious experience that encapsulates your gifts and medicine.

Empowering you to live and speak for your love, truth, hope & freedom.

Magnetizing all activations meant for you.

All that you are gets to exist and take up space.

Your greatest power lies in your uniqueness.

A combination of experiences that light up and activate the soul.

A beautiful expression of Divinity.

Each a different expression of the one.

Don’t sacrifice your greatness to fit a mold you were never designed for.

Carve out your own true expression of self.

Lead in showing how it is done.

Your activation to embody Divine.

The path to becoming and alchemizing into your truth.

A journey that activates you to be more.

Activating your power through the gift of your presence.

Embodying your potent power and cultivating complete embodiment of your medicine.

Healing yourself.

A breathtaking journey to experience the magic that is you.

Breaking and shifting paradigms.

Transforming your life.

Becoming legacy.

An experience to bring forth your highest purpose and become a living breathing expression of Divine.

Changing your life through being.

Developing unshakeable courage to show up and speak for liberation.

When you flourish, we all flourish.

You are worthy.

Receive abundance with your being and purpose every step of the way.

Reflection of Divine.

An open channel of expression.

Creating effortlessly.

Showing up in power and knowing.

Drawn into the world for who you are.


Expanding through the heat.

Leading through difficulty.


Alchemize back to purpose.

Back to your gifts of creation.

Into your truest expression

Back to you.

Activate Your Alchemy is for those who are excited to activate and revolutionize their expression of purpose.

To transmute and know the deeper level of power that lies unveiled.

To commit to leading in power, truth and embodiment of freedom.

Devoted to healing no matter the resistance.

Dedicated to growth and serving from integrity and alignment.

Ready to open their hearts to receiving the purpose of Divine

In this experience you will receive:

  • 3 Zoom Coaching Sessions.
  • 9 Training Modules and embodiment practices delivered through a combination of live trainings & guiding documents.
  • Facebook Group Support for 33 days.
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Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9

After you enroll, you will receive the schedule details for all the modules.

Live trainings will be delivered inside the Private Facebook Group and all content made available to you.

This experience will run in cycles of 33-day periods.

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Do you already know in your being that you want to take your activation and expansion to the next level within this container? If yes, the 1:1 upgrade is for you.

Beyond getting all the coaching and trainings in the Activate Your Alchemy Program, you will also be receiving:

  • 3 x 33-minute Coaching Calls personalized to your journey.
  • 33-days of 1:1 messaging for on demand support.
  • 33-days of feedback and review on your journey.

This is perfect for an added layer of support, accountability and feedback to

integrate the program at a deeper level and navigate through energetic shifts that guide you on your journey to divine expression.