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Living A Life Full Of Love

Love is a profoundly tender and passionate affection we experience within our vessels that encompasses emotions and powerful states of being that range from pleasure, to closeness, to attachment and that allows the space and freedom for development and growth to occur. It is a virtue and a vice that represents the truth of what we are at our core and the function that binds us to experience, creating room for our continuing and sustained existence. At its core lie intimacy, passion and commitment that vary in intensity and can change over time.

The complexity of love lies in the fact that we all experience it differently and the way we experience it is liable to change over time. It is an amalgamation of emotion that creates one of the most profound experiences in life. It is a choice to prioritize and commit to supporting, respecting and caring for the well-being of ourselves and others. It is the intense feeling of euphoria we experience when we build each other up.

We express love through our willingness to be vulnerable with and forgive the wrongs that have been inflicted upon us by others. To do our best to apologize when we make mistakes, to show care, to listen, to prioritize quality time and attention, to reciprocate gestures of kindness, to recognize good qualities, to share ourselves and make our expression unconditional and authentic.

Living a life full of love gives us the ability to activate and release our true divine power that comes from our connection to source and utilize its energy to make manifest that which is supernatural in our present realities. Love is the nature that inhabits our recreated spirits and needs to be developed and cultivated for it’s action to begin to show up in our lives. It is recognised by the actions it prompts. That being said, both the precept and principle of love, point to our personhood.

To live a life full of love means to live fully actualized in the expression of all that we currently are, and all that we have the potential to be. When we are living a life full of love, we are able to find the joy and strength that come from within and that enables us to overcome any obstacles that may come our way. We are able to accept the challenges that occur as part of life and come up with ways to get through them. This power enables us to choose what is right for us regardless of the thoughts and opinions of others. It allows us to live in the confidence that we will receive everything that we have dreamed of and desire, realizing our dreams and ambitions as we go.

Letting love have dominion in our lives and making a commitment to developing this nature as our resting state is a game changer and is sure to ensure success throughout our experience. It takes a shift in mindset, energetics and strategy as well as a commitment to living this way, but choosing to live a life that is full of love will allow us to feel balanced and at ease as we surround ourselves with the people and things that add value and give meaning to our lives. This is not to say that we will not encounter challenges as we move forward on the path to fulfilling our purpose and achieving our destiny, but it does mean that we will have the strength and resilience that we need to make it through and turn our lessons into wisdom.

Living a life full of love often requires the practice of sacrificing instant gratification for long term reward, this ability comes from the source of all that is and is manifested through our mortal flesh. It is something we have to choose consciously. We have to learn to respond and not react to the flux of circumstances that make themselves manifest in our realities.

We have to choose to live fully present in each and every moment that we are blessed to experience, releasing the past that haunts us and refusing to dwell on future outcomes for they are created by who we choose to be now and what we decide to experience in this moment.

We have to choose to love ourselves above all else for if we fail to do so, the love that we are can never be fully and authentically expressed. It is important that we remind ourselves often of the good qualities we possess, all the success that we have achieved and accomplished on our journey thus far and most of all appreciate the uniqueness that we embody.

We have to choose to make each day special for it is so easy to get into a rut when we repeat the same processes day in, day out and our days pass is by as a routine filled blur. We need to learn to be open to doing things differently and spice up our lives up by wearing things we wouldn’t normally wear or shake things up by trying out a new meal, it could even be something as small as following a route we wouldn’t normally follow.

It is imperative that we say no to postponing our happiness by saving our best for special occasions alone, for each and every day in which we are blessed to draw breath is a gift, a marvelous blessing which over time we have come to regard as nothing. We need to choose to live our lives to the fullest in each moment and allow the gratitude that we feel for it to overflow and propel us into making everyday count.

We have to choose to fill our lives with the things that matter most to us, the things that make us happy and fulfilled and joyful, choosing to harness and utilize the time we have to do the things that allow us to activate and channel our creative power.

We have to choose to troubleshoot our problems and transform them into luck, remembering that luck is born when preparation meets opportunity.

We have to decide what problems we desire and have the capacity to solve, and avoid viewing ourselves as a victim in our self created experience.

We have to choose to challenge ourselves, build our strength and activate our power so that we can begin to to utilize our skills, talents and abilities, step out of our comfort zones and begin to fully feel alive.

The path of the heart that leads to love is a warriors path, but warriors are not born, we are made.

We are forged through the gruelling heat of trials and tribulations that we battle and overcome.

We learn to know our limits and choose to work with them while constantly working to surpass those limits and expand our capacity.

We choose to appreciate all the good things that make their way into our lives, those things that make us to remember that it is always darkest before the dawn and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnels through which we crawl.

To live a life full of love, we have to know and accept all that we are, and all the places we have been, the good, the bad, the ugly and the vile. We must choose to revisit the truth of where we come from, of where we are and where we are destined and desire to be, reflecting on the experiences that have influenced our lives so far and put us on the paths we currently walk down no matter how challenging they may be. It is our duty to wake up to the truth of our life and make the choices that we know will empower us moving forward.

We are completely worth it, feel that and know that it is true. Choose to move into a deep, radical and reckless love for all that is and all that has the potential to be through you so you can begin to fully experience and know that your worth is true, intrinsic, inherent and cannot be assigned or taken away by anyone for you are sovereign in your being.

Identify your worth, feel its power and the will of your desire, allow it to carry you on the tide of purpose.

Take action towards manifesting your vision and notice what begins to show up in your life.

Choose to align to the things that ring true for you.

Connected with your self sourced power and the desire of what you want your life to be.

Release your attachment to outcomes and fall in love with the process, the transformation, the growth and the healing for their own worth.

Choose to contribute to what has the capacity to grow beyond what it is that you know yourself to be.

Do it so you can fully become all that you already are and lead yourself onto a path that is paved with love.

Love is an energy and state of being that makes us happy, healthy and full of vitality. It is a power that comes from within and is manifested to create life and joy throughout our experience. When we understand that we are love and that love flows from within us to enrich all that we encounter and experience, we begin to be more empathetic in our daily lives.

If we desire to be truly happy, we must choose to live a life that is filled with love, which means we must choose to live a life that is full of all that we are and have the potential to be.

The energy of love is all encompassing and all consuming. It gives us an avenue to express our authentic truth at a deep and intimate level as we move through life and connect with those who expand and increase the frequency we are able to generate.

When we learn to live this way, we begin to be surrounded and engulfed by more love because it is true that we attract more of what we are.

The transformation will not occur overnight, but it is what will carry you as you move through the fluctuations that occur on your journey of experiencing this adventure called life.

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I wish you the loveliest of days!


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