Connection Codes: Tuned In, Tapped In, Turned On.

Connection is experienced through our souls intuition and exposes us to the divinity in all that we interact with and helps us make improvements as well as perceive and experience our lives through different paradigms and perspectives, focused mainly on quality rather than quantity. The focus of connection is wellbeing that awakens the subtle and dormant energies that lie deep within our essence. Connection tells us that every element in our physical world is established by a spiritual and energetic infrastructure.

Throughout our journey, we will learn new concepts and gain new insights and benefits from our connectedness with all. By realizing that we are a part of a whole, a part of a big picture and even bigger purpose and believing that all is connected, we open ourselves up to our ability to deal with different thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Connection is an important approach to living a holistic, effortless, peaceful and abundant life. It helps us rise above difficulty, transcend our egos and grow into our natural talents, character and sense of self. Being connected to source reflects through all aspects of our life experience.

When we are connected, all things in our life experience start to align perfectly for us. Acknowledging the force that lies in embracing connectivity as an integrated part of our souls expression and being enables one to live a peaceful, joyful, abundant and harmonious life. It helps us realize how close we are to each other and improves our character and relationships with others. We are all one, and holistic connection with the universe is the most effective way to live a better life and have richer experiences.

Holistic connection with source enables clarity of thought. You trust your intuition and are guided by purpose, able to follow the synchronicities placed on your path. It helps you realize that your nature and essence are far greater than any action or thought you’ve ever made or had. You gain momentum on your journey and begin to attract those on the same path as you. Projecting new energies and frequencies that will be integrated and redirected to illuminate other parts of your being. Through this, a relaxed and embodied state will gradually become your natural way of being.

Connection is the experience of harmony, understanding and peace where emotions come from deep within our core of being. It enables us to move ahead in life through each experience we choose to partake in and has the power to guide us towards our purpose, awaken our dreams and deepest desires buried in the depths of our being, opening us up to growth and evolution.

Connection Codes are the laws, principles and instructions that link one to another by placing parts of an energetic circuit in contact with a current of flow. These codes are a causal and logical relationship sequence that governs the behaviour of ideas in an energetic exchange to deepen the moment, inspire change, build trust and nourish a bond that holds all spheres of existence together in relation to one another. They determine the characteristics one manifests through the process of creating intimacy, support, safety and updating old structures to bring them in alignment with present regulations.

Connect with source to access knowledge, guidance and wisdom that will enable you to make the best decisions for your experience with confidence and clarity of being as well as receive answers to questions for your highest and greatest good.

Be held in divine love as you acknowledge that you are not alone but a part of an epic masterpiece.

Co-create with spirit and tap into your power and potential to make manifest your wildest dreams and imaginations.

Learn to lovingly manage your feelings and intuition as you access a powerful source of truth and heal false beliefs embedded in your mind by accessing your higher guidance and embracing the love and comfort that spirit provides.

Fill yourself up with love the life force energy that allows you have surplus to share with all, for sharing love is the highest experience in life but we cannot share what we do not have in abundance and spirit is our only sure and dependable source of pure, unadulterated energy.

As we move through our respective paths and journey to connectedness with source our life force energy, let us learn to trust our intuition and open our channels of creativity to access higher guidance and define ourselves and our worth through the truth and power of our being.

Embrace the freedom that connection with all provides.

If you need guidance and assistance on your journey to accessing the portals and pathways of your being to activate your life force energy and manifest your fullest potential, feel free to book a session with me and I will guide you through navigating the portals and pathways that calibrate you to higher levels of excellence and wellbeing.

Until next time.

Yours truly,
Always & Forever,


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