Luxury Lifestyle Alchemy: Calibrating To Portals Of Higher Excellence & Wellbeing

We are born into this life experience not remembering our true origins, not remembering conceptually how we’ve come to be where we are today. We get so caught up in the fluctuations of life that we forget our mission and purpose when we are reborn. The beauty of that lies in its duality because although it means that we forget, it also means that everytime we are reborn, we get to experience something new and beautiful. We get to grow, evolve and expand through each and every life experience. What we need to remember as we move through this experience is that we are present in this moment for a divine reason. Tuning into the frequency of all that is in order to transform our experiences into matter that can be utilized to make manifest our wildest dreams, visions and imaginations.

In this pursuit, we have to be willing to open ourselves up to engaging with several dimensions that encompass our eternal existence and that are the key players of our divinity in this infinitely universal game. We need to see and know that we are eternal beings that have chosen to take on this human vessel and take part in this process of evolution and growth over lifetimes. A choice our soul makes in order for it to explore, expand, mature and propel our being toward dimensions of expansion that we as individuals are not yet able to comprehend. How we work with the elements that make up this human vessel determines what we know, what we remember, how much we are willing to open ourselves up to infinite potential and the realm of the unknown and how we can utilize this knowledge for our collective benefit.

Our vessel in this life experience is made up of three distinct parts: the mind, the body and the spirit. Each performing a separate yet intricately connected function that serves the purpose of maturing and evolving our being. Our ability to look at each part, break it up, understand it’s function and build it back up to create a whole that enables us be present and prosperous in our life experience is crucial in this process.

There are several portals and pathways in this dimension that once understood, will unlock mind-blowing levels of power, potential and purpose that we could have never have possibly imagined was stored within our vessel. Engaging with elevated levels of comfort, elegance, glamour, desire and status in our life experiences and sifting through the matter present to curate these elements and transform them into media that can be utilized to calibrate oneself into higher portals and levels of excellence.

This is luxury lifestyle alchemy.

A portal of energetic and alchemical mastery that enables one to calibrate to higher excellence by activating, cultivating and utilizing ones pure potential. It enables you to activate the remembering of your vessels organism so you can tune in to the frequency of nature in and around you. Channeling the subtle energy and vibrations to create and curate a life experience that abounds in comfort, ease, elegance, peace and prosperity.

Luxury lifestyle alchemy teaches you how to attune yourself to your natural desires, inclinations, skills, gifts and talents. Applying them in ways that enable you create freedom and abundance in your life. It unlocks your power, potential and purpose, unpacking it to give you a roadmap and blueprint on how to go about your personal mission and journey here in this earth realm.

Unlocking the gateway that activates the portal that is your life experience.

Transmuting the intelligence and secrets stored in the essence of your being.

Enabling the embodiment of the truth and power of Divinity.

The ability to activate your life force energy portal and unlock the wild, raw essence of your potential lies within your reach. Become aware of it and remember so you can reclaim your power, embody your sovereignty, align with the essence of your awakened self, integrate the lessons, messages and downloads of spirit through your experience, transmute dormant genetic codes buried in the abyss that is your DNA, calibrate to portals of higher excellence and wellbeing, channel your inner knowing and intuition for guidance, create infinite and abounding amounts of love, joy, peace, prosperity, freedom and curate a life experience that takes your breath away and takes you on a journey of evolution and growth over lifetimes.

This process of eternal and infinite transformation is available to all who choose to dive deep into the depths of the truth of their being. I hope this message left you feeling inspired to unlock the limitless technology of the vessel of your existence, transmute the secrets of our cosmos and embody the infinite truth and power of your divinity.

Book a session and join me as we navigate the portals and pathways to our highest dreams, visions and imaginations!

Until next time.

Yours truly,
Always & Forever,


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