Goddess Frequency Codes

A Goddess is a woman who is greatly admired for her power, divinity and sovereignty. She is linked to virtues such as love, beauty, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, nurturing, creativity, purity, joy, peace, charisma, charm, confidence, caring, passion, connection, trust, persistence, acceptance, playfulness, unlimited capacity, desire, enrichment, nourishment, abundance, prosperity, gratitude, worship, praise, grace, life, intelligence, excellence, fearlessness, compassion, standards, boundaries, dignity, integrity, intention, chaos, strength, wisdom, magnetism, fluidity, blessing, honesty and authenticity.

A Goddess is a woman who gets things done and understands that what is important is sharing her inner truth. She cares about her own with an unrelenting passion and takes the time to connect with nature, protecting the earth that is our home for generations to come. She listens, learns and trusts with her heart, acting even when action is difficult for she knows the repercussions of inaction are far to great, so at all cost, by any means, she persists.

A goddess is a woman in the process and on the journey of evolution and growth over lifetimes. Learning to know, love and accept herself on all levels of the soul. She focuses on personal growth and self awareness and through that experiences a life increasingly and abundantly filled with love, joy, peace, passion and fun. She understands that the power and unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants and desires lie in her hands and is inspired to enrich those around her because of her abundant sense of gratitude.

A Goddess holds centrality in the worship and praise of the female force that animates the world. A woman of beauty and grace bestowed with supernatural powers and capacity, the source of all life here on earth, worshiped and idealised for her divinity, honoured and adored for her superior charm, intelligence and excellence. Fearless and filled with compassion for all. Being a goddess means finding inner peace and leading a life that is authentic and empowers the divine feminine self.

The Goddess Frequency is fluid and dynamic, her motion unpredictable and unexplainable by the rational mind. She is unfiltered and unrestricted by societal norms, following no rules or guidance except that which comes from her soul. Her embodiment the energy and frequency of that which she wishes to experience and by doing so attracts it like a magnet. Nothing can resist her magnetism for she is powerful with a strength that stems from her soul. Not needing to exert effort to acquire her desire, but staying sovereign in her power and attracting her desires accordingly.

Chaos and Moondust are what she’s made of. Powerful enough to cleanse you, soft enough to save you, deep enough to drown you. Her own creative force. Turning pain to power, sadness to strength and wounding to wisdom. Knowing the power of her flame and the peace in her chaos. Divine and Sovereign she stands.

Paying attention to intention and making everything around her beautiful in its time. Stepping out of the shadows of doubt and into the light of love, born to shine, pave her own path and create her own destiny. Never dimming her light for the comfort of those around her. Holding her head high and maintaining her standards and boundaries for greatness.

An Earth Goddess.
A Warrior Priestess.
A High Queen.

Divinely guided by the heart and spirit of wise ancients. A universe of exploding stars that can never be tamed. Staying wild. Staying free. Putting love and blessing in all she does, treating her life as a ritual and giving sacred meaning to her invisible acts and magickal power that manifest through her being daily. Wearing strength and darkness equally in her glory.

Her body a temple.
The world her altar
Her words a spell that binds.
Her every thought an intention.
Her every action a ritual that is sacred and divine.

The radiance of God the creator of mankind.
Shining with the sun.
Blooming with the flowers.
She is the spirit in the wind, speaking her truth so that you can see yourself reflected in her.

The hellfire and holy water.
Dancing in the sacred fire.
Lost in her deepest desire.
Setting the world aflame and ready to burn in the light of her authentic truth.
Embracing the untamed and the unknown.
A symphony of soul deep nourishment.

She Is Goddess.

To be a Goddess, you simply have to decide you are. Carry and treat yourself in a way that is praiseworthy and the world will follow suit. All women should carry themselves as Goddesses and expect to be treated as such, for we hold all the power in the world. The change starts within.

Until next time!

Yours truly,

Always & Forever,



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