In this modern age, accomplishments are measured by how busy we are and life has become a big checklist we’re trying to rush through. We’ve become so consumed by our lives and business that we’ve forgotten how to live and experience fully. Life is speeding up and this has resulted in catastrophic consequences across all boards of human existence. Which begs the question are we going too fast? Faster than we were designed to handle?

I’ve found that a great way to combat & deal with burnout is by slowing down and being more conscious & intentional in your approach to life. Life is a constant journey of being aware but with the speed most of us move at, we’re not really able to cultivate the kind of self awareness that we need to thrive on this journey. Busyness is the new status symbol, no one wants to finish last and therefore productivity and optimization have been prioritized over the sweetness of nothingness and just being. This mentality has detached us from source and that makes me wonder what are we all trying to achieve? Why do we run from the present moment? What is so important that we’re willing to give up our connection to Divine for?

We all have access to all sorts of distractions that are at arm’s reach and practicing a slower lifestyle is needed now more than ever before. Learning to stay present and allow your mind wander, allowing yourself to just be, experiencing and enjoying every moment and most of all creating as opposed to looking for the time to do it all. The more you have to do, the more time you need for yourself, but somehow we’ve flipped the switch and give less and less time to ourselves and our experience.

The slow living movement started in italy and it stands for sustainable, local, organic and whole, and has spread like wildfire across the globe as individuals look for ways to combat the stresses modern life brings. Slow living provides lifestyle strategies to find balance and live intentionally. Adapting to survive & thrive doesn’t mean you ditch modern life completely, no extreme action is needed. It’s about finding balance within self and nature in this fast paced world we live in without losing focus of why we are here.

We all seem to agree that when we pause, we are able to establish a deeper connection with self and Divine which provides an internal reset that results in peace, clarity & the ability to manifest all sorts of abundance and prosperity that our hearts desire into our lives. Here are some of the ways I practice to live mindfully and still get things done.

1. Live Intentionally
It’s important to assess how we’re living and creating our lives. Most of us are aware of but not living in alignment with our beliefs and values. Become aware of the reason behind everything you do.
Add thought and intention to back the things you do daily. Notice things, observe and use your senses more. A lot of times we don’t really think deeply about what it is we choose to engage with. Prioritize being intentional, reconnecting and making space for the things that matter. Prioritize your needs and your wants, your present moment should look like the future you are creating. Don’t get caught up in the grind and people pleasing.

2. Do Less
Yes getting shit done is important, but rest and recovery is essential. There is a time and season for everything so learn to recognize the things that are worth your time and learn to say no to the things that aren’t. Streamline your workload. Create and set boundaries for yourself. Eliminate what doesn’t serve you, automate what you can, delegate what you need to and ask for help when you need it.

3. Sit in Silence & Stillness
Action and achievement orientation has made us become scared of silence and stillness. We equate stillness with unproductivity failing to realize that only in silence and stillness can we truly understand ourselves and our thoughts & feelings as well as recognize what does and doesn’t matter. Carve out time to be with yourself in nothingness or Meditate.

4. Take Your Time
We are constantly in a rush, everything and everyone seems to be in a rush. Consciously slow things down, it’s transformative. Know that things can get done without rush, nature never hurries but everything is accomplished. Focus on the experience, process, journey whether it be drinking, driving, cleaning, eating, cooking, walking etc slow it all down!

5. Practice Gratitude
Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what we already have as opposed to what we need or think we want. Knowing the importance of everything that surrounds us and being in awe of nature and life. With more things comes more responsibility. There’s always more to want but gratitude helps you be content as you are while going through the process of creating and manifesting all it is that you desire.

6. Spend Time Alone
Have quiet time just for you to be with you. Listen to your thoughts and reflect, craft & cultivate your skills, dwell on your ideas, get to know yourself better. Open yourself to receiving clarity.

7. Turn Your Focus Inwards
Don’t pay to much attention to metrics or the way society values and measures you. You are who you are and nothing and no one can take that away from you.You cannot be reduced down to a number or statistic. Pay attention to your needs, wants and desires. Pay attention to the process, the moments for that’s really what life is, the journey.

8. Do What Makes You Happy
Are you happy doing what you do and living the life that you live? If not change it. Do things that make you feel like you, see things for what the are and focus on what matters to you.

9. Observe, Be Aware & Immerse You In Experience
Pay attention to yourself and your surroundings, learn what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, make time for the things you enjoy, practice sensuality and learn to really enjoy and experience the present. Deep and full involvement in an activity that interests you. Put all your senses on a task and give it your undivided attention.

10. Be Creative
Bring something into existence from your thought and imagination. Practice creating more than you consume. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be uniquely yours. Cook, sew, draw, paint, garden, craft, write. Take the time to find your unique form of creative expression.

11. Reflect
Most people want more but don’t know why they want more hence when they receive more they are still not satisfied. Pause, take inventory and think deeply about your life, ask yourself some questions:
Where am I? Where do I want to be? Why do I want to be there? How can I get there? It will give you the clarity on what you have, need and can let go off in order to move forward with purpose & alignment. Reflection gives us the opportunity to receive important insights.

12. Breathe more
We’re the only species that has forgotten how to breathe properly and we need to teach ourselves this basic need which has been compromised. Breathing is essential to feel free of restraints in our fast paced world.
Consciously breathe deeper. Take deep breaths and bring attention to your body and intend in to slow down and enjoy the present moment fully.

13. Learn To Say No
Don’t take responsibilities on yourself to please others or boost your self image, it serves no one.

14. Turn Off Devices Often
Our lives are so embedded and intertwined with our devices and we’ve become so attached to them that we lose our connection to others. Focus and be present in the natural cadence our beings are made for.

15. Make No Plans, Set No Expectations
Set a day with no expectations and jeep it free flowing. Let the time pass by, recharge and slow down consciously.

I hope these tips help you out on your journey. Remember that good things take time, practice and consistency. It’s in our DNA to savour the moment so just relax and allow yourself embody all that you already are. Until next time!

Yours truly, Chalya.


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