In order to form a habit we must use our minds, and in order to use our minds we much form a habit. Our habits and mind play an interconnected role in the operations of our mind and the success we achieve in our lives. Life would be fantastic if we experienced no hardships or bumps on the road, but what would that teach us? We’d probably die from the monotony of it. It’s a great thought but far from the reality of the human experience. Life is school and we’re here to grow and learn through the knowledge we acquire on the journey, a stop or blockage should not hinder your journey but motivate you to express your being by finding alternatives and creating solutions that work. Without this mindset, no one would be able to achieve success. The process of deciding which way to go depends on ones thinking, behavior and character. Also known as the habits of mind.

As humans and as part of this life journey, we need to figure out ways to overcome. In this post, you’ll be introduced to the habits of mind that you can use and apply to all areas of your life in order to achieve success. They provide and represent a common language and behaviors which we would like to embody. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. Persistence.
The ability to push through.

Life gets difficult and lots of times we give up on our hopes, dreams & ambitions, curling up in a ball and waiting for certain death simply because we didn’t persist, the thing is usually our breakthrough is at the other end of the difficulty. All we need to do is cultivate the habit of persisting through difficulty, and trust me I know that this is no easy task, especially if you’re like me and patience isn’t necessarily you’re strongest point, which is exactly why you should take my word for it lol. Persistence gives results.

2. Managing Impulses
The ability to remain calm when faced with chaos and challenges.

Another difficult one cuz as humans we’re configured and designed to give in to our desires and impulses, and that’s exactly the trick of the game! It’s important to cultivate the habit of responding to stimuli as opposed to reacting to it, cuz what good has reacting ever done anyone?

3. Listening with Understanding and Empathy.
The ability to recognise, see, understand and put yourself in another’s shoes.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of callous and insensitive things come out of people’s mouths, as well as mine and frankly it’s amazing how we can treat and speak to each other the way we do, but what I’ve come to realize is that what is in abundance in the heart is what manifests itself into reality. We all just need to work on our hearts so we can be able to see, feel & understand the hearts of others.

4. Flexible Thinking.
The ability to look at it another way, to think inside, outside and around the box.

Realize that too many potentials and beings exist for everything to be black and white. Plus, different perspectives and experiences. No two people are the same or see things the same or experience things the same, and your ability to accommodate this will revolutionize your life.

5. Metacognition.
The ability to think about your thinking and understanding yourself in relation to feelings, thoughts, actions, strategies and their impact and effect on others.

You are not your thoughts, you are not your actions either, they are yours but you are not them. When you’re not aware of this truth, life tends to get messy. We take things personal and place meaning and importance on things that are just things, thus losing the value intended. Think about your thinking.

6. Striving for Accuracy.
The ability to achieve excellence in your endeavors while checking and finding ways to improve constantly.

As humans we have this obsession with perfection when what really we should be obsessed with is excellence and accuracy in the representation of things that we engage with and manifest into our realities while constantly working to improve and optimize. Evolution. It’s what we’re here for, and we can only evolve through excellence of being don’t you think?

7. Questioning & Problem Posing.
The ability to figure out the what and the why, and the desire for a deeper understanding of things.

The culture I grew up in didn’t and doesn’t still really encourage asking questions, they pretend that they do but when it boils down to it, you’ll see that it’s taboo to questions laws, culture and traditions (plus elders) that have been put in place and practiced for centuries. But why should I engage with something that doesn’t serve me? What benefit is it to my life at this point in existence. It’s so important to ask questions about everything we choose to engage in cuz I’ve come to realize that a lot of the chaos we experience in life stems from the fact that we just go with whatever, never really questioning whether it’s right for us or whether it serves our highest good. Please, I beg you, ask questions so you can be clear.

8. Hindsight.
The ability to apply past knowledge to present situations, using what you have learned to understand other concepts and ideas.

The more you build on prior knowledge, the more you comprehend. A lot of things we cannot understand because at the moment we’re right in the middle of it, which is why it’s important that once we get past something we look back, reflect and evaluate aka hindsight. Cultivate this habit, it is priceless and it gives a ton of perspective.

9. Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision.
The ability to be clear and concise in communicating your ideas and advice, being mindful, taking your time but getting straight to the point.

I’m believe in the power of directness and clarity. Say what you mean and want and say it in a way that makes sense to everyone. If everyone can’t understand it then you’re doing too much although it is possible that whoever you’re speaking to may be suffering from density, but who am I to judge.

10. Gathering Data Through Sensuality.
The ability to use your 5 senses to observe, connect and learn.

For some reason we directly associate sensuality with sexuality even though they are two very different things. Sensuality has to do with experience, the use of your senses to experience the world around you. We live in such a fast paced society that most of us don’t stop and take time to smell the roses and by moving at such a fast pace, we miss out on so much information, rhythms and frequencies that could otherwise enrich our lives in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

11. Creating, Imagining & Innovating.
The ability to create something new and creative by infusing it into your environment.

If you can think it, you can create it. I believe this like nothing else. Everything that has been and will continue to be came forth because someone took the time to create, imagine, visualize & take inspired action on it, thus breathing life into it. We are made in the image of the Divine, which means we are endowed with the same gifts and talents he has, essentially he’s a creator, THE creator. So what does that make us?

12. Responding with Awe.
The ability inspire and enjoy excitement.

This is why I love children so much, they are so pure and fresh and new, everything they come in contact with is a new challenge or adventure and they meet it with such excitement I can’t get enough of it cuz it’s absolutely beautiful. We all need to learn to be more like that, and I can understand how our experience of life may leave us slightly jaded, but don’t let that steal your joy & wonder, cuz that’s how you tap into the inspiration of Divine.

13. Responsible Risk Taking.
The ability to take calculated action and decisions for growth and progress, accepting failure, trying new things and stepping out of comfort zones.

Life is a risk. I could literally walk down my steps, miss a step and fall to my unfortunate demise. Doesn’t mean I’ll never walk down the stairs cuz you know what my family is down there, the kitchen is down there, the rest of life is down to there! So you know what? I’m going to walk down regardless, but I’m going to walk knowing the potential hazards & challenges I could face, and if I fall and twist my ankle I’m going to pick myself back up and try to understand the reasons why that fall happened and avoid them next time.

14. Finding Humor in Things.
The ability to bring forth the feeling and visual of lightening up the mood.

Being able to laugh at oneself at appropriate times is an outlet for stress. Do it often. Nothing is ever that deep, sometimes embarrassing I’ll admit but name one person who died from embarrassment…exactly, you can’t, so loosen up, live a lot, laugh even more and don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

15. Interdependent Thinking
The ability to listen, ask questions, work with others and complete a goal.

There’s a verse that says one man can slay a thousand, but two will slay ten thousand. Partnership and collaboration multiply your effort exponentially, but you have to be willing to accommodate without judgement and learn from those around you. Whether we accept it or not we need each other because together we are stronger. We cover each other’s asses & fill in gaps when and where necessary. Cultivate this mindset heavy.

16. Openness To Continuous Learning.
The ability to keep ourselves interested in growth, rejecting mediocrity and complacency & wanting to learn more.

I’ve come across this way of thinking severally that once you reach a certain level all that’s left is for you to wither and die. I despise it first off cuz my thirst for knowledge is insatiable and second cuz I just can’t understand it. All I know for sure is that there is more, and if there’s more, I want to know. In fact, sometimes it keeps me up at night knowing that there’s so much I’ll never know. My point is never settle, you are infinite and eternal so dive in cuz my darlings there’s a bottomless pool of knowledge and information waiting for you to experience, never settle for whatever it is you perceive to be your glass ceiling, they’re exactly why you are a wrecking ball. Don’t ever forget who you are, YOU ARE.

Your mind is the command center of your life, and your mental health is critical in navigating the journey of life and achieving success in your endeavors. Its important to take the time out necessary to cultivate each and every one of these habits in order to achieve the desired results you want for yourself and your life. I hope this was helpful! Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.

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