The High Vibration Diet: What it is, Why It’s Important & How to Practice It

We all vibrate at a particular energetic frequency. The lower your frequency, the denser you energy and the heavier your existence seems. The higher your frequency, the lighter your energy and the more positive your existence is.
Attaining a high vibration is something we’ve all heard about but a lot of us haven’t really understood what that means or why it’s important relative to our being. Today I’m going to attempt to help you have a clearer understanding & hopefully inspire you to want to engage with this practice and attain lightness for yourself. I’m going to explain to you my understanding of what a High Vibration Diet is, why it is important for the overall health & wellness of your mind, body and spirit, and how you can begin to practice it!

As conscious beings, we are aware of the importance of the quality of components we consume. We are aware that they affect not just our physical bodies, but our entire energetic bodies. It’s therefore important to pick and choose what it is that we allow to penetrate our sphere of control. We are all energetically connected and exchange life force energy through that connection and through various forms of interactions we engage in. Light energy blooms. Dense energy withers.

Choose wisely what it is that you consume.

There are so many diets out there that make you lose your mind, this isn’t one of them. This diet cannot be defined in a particular way, it varies from person to person. Of course their are guidelines and principles to follow when practicing this sort of lifestyle. I’d like it to be noted that when I refer to consumption throughout this post, know that I refer to all things that can be consumed through each and everyone of our senses (sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing & though), ranging from food, to entertainment & social media, concepts, people, places, events etc. Whatever you take in and ingest as part of your life. With that let’s get into it.

Everything is energy.
The level of energy we vibrate at determines our overall health. High vibrations are good, and low vibrations serve their purpose (I don’t want to say bad cuz I don’t necessarily believe anything is bad, things are just what they are).

Following this philosophy, a High Vibration Diet is a diet made up of components that cause your being to vibrate at a high frequency. This diet is one that supports and sustains every aspect of your being, making you feel good body, mind & spirit, and enabling you to show up as your best self in your true potential.

It’s easy to self sabotage, block your progress and create dis-ease through resistance in our energetic pathways, and lower our overall resonance by consuming a low vibration diet. A high vibration diet however, consists of components that have a higher and greater level of light than density. They nourish our beings, assist with detoxification and raise our overall vibrational frequency. This diet includes work in clearing limiting beliefs, negativity, judgement and shame also know as shadow work. It is imperative to take responsibility for everyone and everything we put in our energetic bodies through choice because what goes in is a direct reflection of what will be projected into our reality.


Remember, everything is energy.
This means that everything we bring into our lives influences our energetic frequency and affects our vibration.
As humans we consume, it’s our nature and what we were designed to do, although a lot of times this gets way out of hand and needs to be reigned in. This means that our diet aka what we consume plays a huge role in our energetic health. By actively choosing to consume things that raise our vibration, we are setting ourselves up for the wellness of our being. Providing ourselves with a solid energetic foundation through a High Vibration Diet, we make it easier for ourselves to achieve success and raise our vibration in other aspects of our existence.

Food is the most basic form of fuel for our beings, if we aren’t properly nourished in the most basic way how can we expect other forms of energetic healing to have a profound impact in our life experience? When ones frequency finds itself on the lower end of the vibrational spectrum, we see that the individual is more prone to experiencing discomfort and discontent in their physical, mental & emotional body. Heavy emotions and mental confusion are the order of the day. Psychically, the energy is darker and you’ll need to exert a great deal of effort to accomplish your dreams and goals and because of that life usually takes on a negative quality.

The same holds true on the other end of the spectrum. The higher your frequency, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional and mental body. You experience greater peace & personal power clarity, love and joy. One is less likely to have discomfort and pain. Emotions will be dealt with easily, synchronicities will flow and desires will be manifested with ease. Life takes on a positive quality.

We each deserve to have foundational life vitality so that we can fulfill our true potential and not feel so bound to certain limitations. A high vibrational diet is essential for the health of your body, mind and spirit. Because we live in a resonating universe, we must be conscious about everything we consume. Every bite we take into whatever component we choose plays a role in our reality. Everytime we consume a component, we absorb the energy of that component into our being. The quality of that component has a direct effect on the quality of our health and vibration. It is up to us to do our best to consume things that are wholesome to support and raise your vibration & frequency.

Consuming a High Vibration Diet makes it so our bodies are purified and working in harmony with our mind and spirit as it was designed to do. Being able to vibrate at high frequencies helps put us in tune with the rhythms of life and enables us to receive and understand clearly, messages from Divine.


A major life changing practice is to begin shifting your perspective towards consumption and instead of viewing it solely as an act of entertainment and pleasure, start looking at it as a source and act of nourishment & sustenance. Once we realize the natural design of our earth and humanity, we realize the healing power that comes from that knowing. We realize that we already have all that we need, all we need to do is plug in to the source. Society and culture have done their best to mold us into practicing habits, traditions and a way of living that is not good for the health of our mind, body & spirit and does not allow us to stand tall at our fullest potential. There are entire industries built off the back of consuming low vibration components, but glory be because we are beginning to shift into a time where mindfulness is the norm and trusting our intuition is encouraged.

Simply start this process by replacing low vibrational components of your experience with higher vibrational practices whenever possible. Instead of grabbing a third can of soda, how about you hydrate with a huge glass of clean water? Instead of scrolling mindlessly through your social media feed how about you take some time out to spend time in nature, reflect and meditate? Instead of binge watching another season of another random show, how about you spend that time listening to a podcast or reading personal development book?

Go with what feels good and true to you knowing that your body will begin to adapt and intuitively reinforce your choices over time till they becomes second nature.

Don’t judge yourself or others, flow with what makes you happy, strive for balance as much as possible.Think life and positive thoughts. Speak life and positive words.

Take inspired action and pour your energy into what it is that you are consuming to lend strength to it. Feel truly thankful and in love with what you consume, being mindful and grateful that you are able to consume these things. Gratitude is the key to unlock the doors of abundant and prosperous vibration. It is important to bless what we consume and express gratitude for it. Prayer brings in high frequency energy to anything that is the focus of the prayer. What you consume will receive even more healthy energy when you bless it. Choose what you consume carefully, for when you consume things that are good and in alignment with your being, you are opening yourself to direct paths of unlimited connection to source.

We must learn to embrace and experience the present moment. Balance will always be a sacred practice.

We must be mindful of the thoughts, ideas and concepts we choose to engage with and consume.

We must remember that we are here to experience life but keep in mind that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

We must learn to become aligned with all it is that we are, and all it is that we consume. Always choosing the best and sharing in love to connect.


A High Vibration Diet provides the energetic body the nourishment it needs to function optimally.
This varies from person to person, meaning that a one size fits all approach cannot possibly work out, which personally is my favourite thing about practicing this diet & lifestyle.
It means you are forced to forced to get to know yourself intimately in ways you have never before imagined. Forced to confront the truth and face the reality of who you are. Most of us are terrified of that experience because we’re not at all sure what we’ll see reflected back at us, but it’s important to do so because we can’t work through what we haven’t taken the time to see and understand. Here are a couple of practices you can include for the health and wellness of your mind, body & spirit.


Affirmations, Books, Quotes, Music.


Exercise, Balanced Organic Diet


Prayer, Meditation.


The following are key guidelines & pillars to note when crafting and cultivating a high vibrational diet for yourself. Because this diet is majorly based on our intuitive knowing, it may seem as though anything goes, but these guidelines will assist in charting & maintaining the course to the destination:

1. Balance
Needed in order to thrive and achieve maximum potential.
Best to receive it from closest sources to divine & nature.
Practice gratitude for receiving it.
Focus on quality and variety.

2. Self Control
Avoid intolerances & work on triggers.
Stay away from whatever it is you are not able to process properly or you risk the chance of making yourself miserable.
It is not about restrictions but about tapping into your intuition and listening to what your vibration responds to.

3. Self Reflection
To thineself always be true.
We are what we consume. It is a reflection of us.
We know who we are better than anyone else, we may have just forgotten amidst the noise produced by life. See, feel, embrace and be who it is that you are.
Listen to your needs, they will guide you to your greatest path of actualization & fulfillment of self.
Learn the intricacies of your being and accept them with love and respect.

4. Morals, Values & Ethics
What do you stand for?
Why do you stand for that?
Honor it.
Does what you consume align with your morals, values & ethics?
If not what are you going to do about it?

5. Acceptance
You can’t fix something unless you acknowledge it exists.
Lack of acceptance of self causes us to hold ourselves at a lower vibration.
Listen, get to know and accept yourself for what your interests are and appreciate your being because you are divine and there is none like you. You are a marvel to behold.

6. Respect
Everything has its purpose.
Every purpose has its place.
We experience darkness so we can know to enjoy light.
Respect the process for it teaches you strength, courage, hope, faith & above all love.

7. Honor
Your being is the temple of the divine, treat it as such.
Do what you know to be right for you regardless of what you think, feel or are told.
You intuitively know what is right and true to do for you.

Being in high vibration is going to become more and more important as we collectively experience a greater awareness of the polarities between high vibrations and a low vibrations. We will begin to perceive greater separations between dark and light, putting us in a position where we need to consciously choose between which vibration we want to dwell in. The thing we need to keep in mind when making this decision, is that those who choose to remain in low vibration will be consumed by despair and desperation, while those who choose to raise their vibration will be faced with the task of maintaining that vibration and not lowering it for anything. They will need to be able to avoid succumbing to the pull of old programs and patterns of wanting to fit in and be approved of.

Choose light!

This requires firm commitment to the knowing of who you really are. It will not be easy, but you will stand out as the tiny light, ablaze in the midst of darkness but you will not be consumed by it. Find those who resonate like you do and they will give you the support you need to keep shining bright! Until next time…

Yours truly, Chalya.


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