I’m Walking Away

In the famous words of Craig David, “I’m walking away from the troubles in my life. I’m walking away to find a better day. I’m walking away.”

Walking away is a highly underated life skill that we all need to develop and quick too. The ability to walk away comes from knowing and accepting that we are worthy and deserving of better. Self love. We’ve been engineered and conditioned to put our wants and needs on the back burner in favour of the needs of others but that model is outdated and for good reason.

For most, self love comes from accomplishment, but accomplishment is not confidence, and only when you have a deep rooted sense of confidence can you break free of the legacy of hand me down, generational ignorance and curses. Confidence is about limitlessness, not this copy, paste, repeat lifestyle that has been so deeply inculcated in our psyches. Habits can be broken, and I personally am committed to doing my part in breaking these generational curses and habits that have kept us in a stagnant motion for centuries, and I hope you will commit as well. We have to decide we’re not engaging in this shit anymore. Walking away involves knowing your power as a person and thinking for ourselves so we can best channel that power into ways that serve our highest good and purpose. Most people are unaware that they have this power. But we all do.

How do you uncover your power? You might ask. The key to unlocking your power lies in self love. This may be one of my number one messages. We may all think we love ourselves but when you think about it deeply, do you treat yourself like someone you love? Do you speak to yourself with love? Do you nurture your being and accept all the parts of it? The answer is no. We’re so full of shame and self loathing, constantly berating ourselves and allowing the negative voices in our heads win. That’s not self love and that’s exactly why your power lies dormant. You have to be aware of that. Put yourself first in everything, after all you’re stuck with you for eternity. Be consistent with yourself, do things that improve your life daily, build healthy and sustainable habits, the little steps add up. Have standards, set goals, smash them. Most importantly know what you want, once you do that it will be easier to create a game plan to move you in forward that direction.

Learning how to walk away from the past and everything you’ve been taught is not an easy mission, and I use the word mission cuz it’s just that deep! It’s not easy but it’s worth it, and guess what? All you have to do it just do it! Put one foot ahead of the other and start walking in a different direction. Make yourself understand that better is always coming but you will miss it if you keep going the direction you and everyone before you have been going. Don’t hold on to a mistake, and don’t forget that no one has power over you, the power to make or break or create you lies in your hands and your hands alone. They cannot define you.

Treat yourself as the prize and decide to walk away from the troubles in your past cuz your future lies bright on the horizon. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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