Smash Your 20s

Being in my 20s I can testify to the fact that it can be challenging to sometimes make responsible decisions whilst simultaneously trying to experience all the enjoyment life has to offer. But things easily come into perspective when you look at the big picture and realize that your 20s might just be the most influential period when it comes to our futures. This is the time we need to use to establish sustainable lifestyle habits that we will carry into our later years. We need to kick our bad habits and replace them with beneficial ones. It’s time to start making adjustments in your life and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Managing your 20s can pose a challenge but that’s life in general so we chin up, carry on and conquer like we always do. Here are some of the best ways you can manage your 20s:

Limit Your Social Media Use.
As beneficial and useful as social media is, spending too much time on it perpetuates procrastination. Know your limits and don’t fall into the rabbithole.

Create A Schedule Or A Routine.
This allows you to put your commitments ahead of you and also helps with prioritizing.

Don’t Spend All Your Time Chilling & Partying.
Your 20s are an important period to use to get to know yourself. Spend time alone and invest in your personal growth and development.

Don’t Commit To Things That Don’t Serve You.
Time is a resource that you can never get back so don’t waste it doing things that don’t further your vision, purpose or move you towards the abundant life you’re trying to design for yourself. It’s better to under promise and over deliver.

Rank things in your life in order of importance and urgency. Track where and what your time is going to, if it doesn’t serve you, step back and reorder.

Set Goals. Make Deadlines.
Knowing what you need to do boosts productivity. It keeps you less stressed and more organized and also helps avoid procrastination.

Get Good Rest.
Sleep and rest are one of the most important factors when it comes to good health. Getting enough of it boosts concentration and focus.

Get A Planner.
Whether physically or digitally, writing things down manifests them into physically reality faster. It helps you remember what needs to be done and also reduces mental stress and brain overload.

Be Responsible For Yourself.
You provide for yourself and your needs. That’s your number one responsibility in life. It isn’t up to anyone else, you’re the master of your ship. The sooner you accept responsibility for yourself the better the quality of your life will be moving forward.

Learn How To Say No.
You don’t need to say yes to every opportunity, you will most definitely burn out. It’s okay to have your own priorities, everyone does. Don’t let anyone ever guilt you into stretching yourself thin.

Exercise Your Mind & Body.
It strengthens the bond between the two which translates into a richer and higher quality life experience. When you look good, you feel good and you create good.

Get Up Early.
There’s something about waking up with nature that just makes everything better. Plus you get more things done. It’s totally worth it.

Stay Away From Drama.
Avoid negativity, you don’t need that energy polluting your bubble of light and love. Surround yourself with good people and hang out in good places.

Travel Your Heart Out.
God created the world to be experienced, don’t live and die never doing just that. Explore new places and cultures, it boosts your planetary perspective and aids your ability to adapt to new situations. It also develops your versatility which is a huge asset in a globalized world.

Resolve Your Childhood Issues.
The pain and trauma we experienced growing up form the fundamentals of how we view and approach life and also what we are able to create. Feel your feelings, work through them. Forgive and let go, decide to do things differently moving forward. Hurt people hurt people, let’s break the cycle.

Failure Is An Illusion. There Are Only Learning Experiences.
Regret is pointless and totally optional, channel that energy into more productive things. Life is not about avoiding mistakes cuz that’s an impossible task. It’s about learning from them. Just press reset. You’re not doomed to a life of misery.

Don’t Settle Down Before You Are Ready.
These are your golden years, there will never be another age like this so instead of letting what society dictates guide your path, jump into the driver’s seat and take the wheel. Think outside the box, experiment, explore interests, diversify, expand your horizons, knowledge and skills set. Figure your shit out and when you’re on top of that whole situation you can decide to pair up with someone who matches that vibe.

Learn Time And Money Management Skills.
These two skills are the most useful abilities in my opinion. Proper utilization of them creates a plethora of potentials for you to explore. Understanding leverage will save you boatloads of stress.

Be Intentional.
Always have a plan of action, live within your means and set goals. Before you do anything ask yourself, does this action I’m about to engage in serve my highest good and purpose?

Cultivate Balance.
Your youth is the best time to learn the importance of moderation and sustainability. In the long run, you will find more success with balance and moderation. Figure out what it is that you do too much of and find ways to balance it out.

Acknowledge Your Privileges.
Everyone has some form of privilege, don’t feel guilty about it but account for these privileges when possible, and if necessary, compensate for them. Recognising the ways you have been enriched will greatly improve your maturity and social skills. It will also help you develop a more realistic and compassionate perspective that will pay you lifelong dividends in your ability to engage ethically and successfully with others.

Build Your Network.
It doesn’t matter what industry you find yourself in, building good solid contacts and connections will benefit you in your growth journey.

Learn From The Elders.
There’s a reason why we are instructed to honor and respect those who have come before us and it’s because they have experienced some things that we can learn from instead of wasting time and effort experiencing them ourselves. Work smarter not harder. Understanding the past helps us create an better future.

Ignore Competition And Comparison.
We are all created uniquely different, with different skills, talents and offerings. We are all in different lanes. Sometimes these lanes intersect but not permanently. Get comfortable being who you are and don’t let the external pressure push you of the journey to becoming you.

Build Others Up.
We rise by lifting others. It’s not just a game of vanity, narcissism and what I can do for me by me. We were designed to need and love each other. There’s room for everyone, don’t feel threatened by the existence or success of another. Let’s collaborate and create magic!

Don’t Work For Money, Build Your Dreams.
Stop thinking about instant gratification and start thinking long term. It’s not the easiest route, but it is the most fulfilling. Challenge yourself and see how far you will go.

Family Comes First.
Let me point out that family is not by blood. Family is defined as a social unit that comes together and cares for one another. Make those who care about you and whom you care about a priority above all else. It is how we grow right.

Validation Comes From Within.
We all need to learn how to be there for ourselves. Ultimately, we are the only ones who know ourselves and our needs instead and out. Why let someone external tell you what is best for you when your inner guidance exists? You’re the only one you can trust to take proper care of you. Trust yourself.

Break The Mold.
It’s time to take responsibility for our existence and pave our own way. Get out of your comfort zone and do what it is that you’ve always desired in your heart to do. Learn how powerful and infinite you are. Break the mold and breathe again.

Cultivate Healthy And Sustainable Daily Habits.
Learn how to save and make wise investments, build tenacity, learn the proper and effective ways to set goals, develop a self care routine that supports your lifestyle, learn how to communicate and set boundaries, stand up for yourself and your needs, be persistent, be disciplined, develop your marketing skills and have focus.

I could go on and on and on writing about things we could do to smash our 20s but I think I’ll save that for another day, this is a great starting point for anyone who wants to utilize this beautiful time that we’ve been giving to be. I hope these things will help you as much as they did me. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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