How To Be A Confident Leader

If you want to achieve uncommon success in life you’re going to have to be a leader. The catch there is on average, most don’t know how to do that cuz not everyone is born a leader, some leaders are created and because of that, there may be some gaps in the finished product. One common denominator I’ve noticed in great leaders is the confidence they have in their abilities. Here are my tips on how to be a confident leader, even when you’re not. In this case you can actually fake it till you make it. Let’s get into it!

Your Mindset Determines Your Confidence Level.

There are two types of mindsets we can possess: The Fixed Mindset & The Growth Mindset. With the fixed mindset, your confidence is cultivated within the confines of what you know and do well. You seal your fate without even giving yourself a chance. With the growth mindset, failure isn’t a confirmation of your ability. It’s just a sign that you need to practice more and develop more skill.

Redefine Confidence.

Confidence like everything else in existence is subjective and will manifest itself differently in each individual even though the basic principles do apply. My main point here is that confidence and your personal definition of it should include “I don’t know”. Being confident does not mean you know everything, it means you’re open to learning new things. Cultivate a growth mindset and recognize that you are always in a state of development.

Know Your Weaknesses.

Most of us are not comfortable with bringing our weaknesses to light but it’s important to do so. I can’t remember exactly his words but Sun Tzu said that in war and strategy, it’s just as important to know what your weaknesses are as it is to know your strengths. If you didn’t know, life is war. Play to your strengths but know your weaknesses as well.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others.

There’s a quote that says “comparison is an act of violence to self.” And how can you be confident if there’s a battle going on within yourself? Everyone is on different paths, in different lanes. Yes we intersect at some points but ultimately stay focused on your lane and don’t compare it to others.

Watch For Negative Self Talk.

All my life I’ve been taught that there’s power in the tongue and the words of our mouth, and even the things we don’t voice out but form in our minds, but I didn’t really get it untill I grew up. Words become things and that’s all you need to remember. Knowing that, it’s time to flip the narrative to serve you. Speak life, speak love. You are in control.

Remember, no one has all the answers. We’re all in a constant process of learning and growing everyday. Take it easy on yourself. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.

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