Skincare Rules

I got swept up in the skincare craze a couple of years ago when I had a really bad allergic reaction to groundnuts. It was crazy and a little bit traumatizing cuz prior to that experience, I didn’t have any skin issues and I didn’t really spend a lot of time caring for my skin. Now I do, it’s the best thing ever. From the countless resources I’ve consumed, these are the tips & tricks I’ve picked up that I enjoy the most and I hope you will too. Let’s get right into it!

Rule 1:

Exfoliate in upward motions. Go against the grain.

Rule 2:

Forehead first, neck last. Work downwards in upward circular motions, press or pat.

Rule 3:

Use brushes over sponges. Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Rule 4:

Wash and disinfect your makeup brushes often.

Rule 5:

Change your pillowcases at least twice a week.

Rule 6:

Invest in a good serum. A good serum can even replace a moisturizer. My favorite is Esteé Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Pricey but totally worth it .

Rule 7:

Sleep on your back. This is cuz your sheets pull against your skin and cause wrinkles.

Rule 8:

Keep your partying to a minimum and drink lots and lots of water!

Rule 9:

Pay attention to your gut health. Eat healthy, exercise and meditate. Less stress equals healthy skin.

Rule 10:

Be consistent with your routines. This, I think, is one of the most crucial rules. In everything, consistency is key.

I hope these tips will help you transform your routines as they did mine! Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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