Protect Your Energy

Most of us don’t really consciously think about protecting our energy. I mean we talk a big talk but when it comes down to it are we really protecting ourselves? Are we giving ourselves the best of everything that we deserve, by not subjecting ourselves to the myriad of encounters and situations that drain us of our life force? From my point of view, I think not. This practice is something you’re going to have to cultivate because, energy is fluid and dynamic and negativity flowing in the world can get to you. So it’s up to you to not let that happen.


Get Yourself In A High Vibration

Our vibrations are so important because essentially, they are beacons that are projected forth from our being, that go out to bring things that match towards us. Being in a high vibration means you’re relaxed and at ease, you are happy. You’ll know you are in a high vibration because you will feel it. You’ll feel buoyant and elated. Everything will feel good, high secretion of the hormone oxytocin, lol. Some of my favorite ways to instantly get my vibrations elevated are by laughing, just burst out laughing for no reason, yes you’ll look and seem crazy but who cares when it works? I also really enjoy listening to music and having dance parties. For those who that isn’t their vibe, you can always have a great workout session, that’s guaranteed to get you in a high vibration.


Cleanse With Sage

Sage has a reputation for being able to strip anyone or anything clean of all negative energy. The catch with this is that you need to set intentions and fill the space or entity that has been cleansed of bad energy cuz if you don’t fill it up with what it is that you want, things you don’t want will definitely occupy the space. So it’s extremely important to set intentions and proclaim affirmations while doing this. It’s best if you tailor it to suit your unique situation.


Ground Yourself

I grew up in a generation and culture that is so detached from it’s connection with nature, and for me its mind-blowing that we treat the natural world the way we do, because in essence, that’s how we treat ourselves as well. We are all one. If there exists no harmony within self, it’s easy for any external force to come in and fuck shit up. I ground myself in two ways. First method, is by visualizing roots growing downwards from any part of my body that’s is in contact with the earth. I find that this works immensely more when I’m actually in direct contact with real earth. The second way I do it, is by, walking outside barefoot and feeling the earth and grass beneath my feet. There’s no feeling like oneness in nature. It completes you, makes it a billion times easier to utilize the energy all around you for your good.


Connect With Yourself

I’m of the opinion that bad things happen to people who don’t know who they are cuz they are not in touch with themselves. In order for you to be able to protect yourself and your energy, you’d first have to be understand and be in touch with the essence of yourself. You have to connect to the Divine in you, to source. Some of my favorite ways to do this are by practicing yoga, journalling my thoughts and feelings or my all time favorite, spending time alone. When we’re alone we can get really accountable with ourselves and give a thorough self evaluation.


Visualize A Protective Shield Around You

Intention is what matters here. You have to tap into your energy source and connect with it, then proceed to project that outwards. Visualize a shield of white light energy, powered by your heart chakra in your mind and just let this envelope you. For extra measure, you can envision mirrors facing outwards that deflect any bad vibes coming your way. If this doesn’t work for you, you could also charge an item, any item of your choice that you can easily carry around with the same method.

I hope that with these few tips, we’ll all be in higher vibrations and be able to protect ourselves from any negative energy that comes our way. Until next time.

Yours Truly, Chalya.


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