How To Be Productive & Stop Procrastinating

Productivity is our effectiveness when it comes to creating something. There are things that decrease our productivity and things that increase it. If you’re interested in effectively creating, here are my best tips for increasing your productivity.

1. Intrinsic Motivation: Satisfaction in Itself.
Inspired action, natural inspiration. Call it what you want. The hack is to find something that comes from within, something that intrinsically motivates you within the task that doesn’t.

2. Act On Inspiration Immediately.
You have seconds to minutes to act on inspiration. It’s called the Law of Diminishing Intent, it goes like this: “The longer you wait to take action, the less likely you are to take action.” This law affects us all and it’s what is stopping you from achieving what you know you should and can achieve.

3. Deal With Resistance Immediately.
Resistance is opposition. Stop and deal with it. No action should take place in resistance.

4. Do What You’re Excellent At.
You can’t be excellent at something you’re not naturally gifted at, so make it easy for yourself and stick to what you are good at, and if it’s not a situation you can help, refer to my first point.

5. Think In Terms Of Results Not In Terms Of Time.
What’s important is not just the completion of the task but the quality at the point of completion. Remember that everything you put your hand too a reflection of yourself.

6. Learn How To Prioritize.
Assess what needs to be done in terms of effectiveness. It’s counterintuitive to engage in tasks that pose a lot of resistance. If a massage or a bath is what you need most, do it. It will help in the long run. Also, most people leave the challenging tasks till the end, but it pays to start with them.

7. Make Lists & Check Them Of As You Go.
This is the drill: big lists, smaller lists, reassess, prioritize, take action. Rest and repeat. Also, take your time with this.

8. Focus On Priorities.
Do this till the completion of the task unless something of higher priority comes in. Also, try giving yourself shorter deadlines, longer time periods give space for procrastination to blossom, remember the Law of Diminishing Intent.

9. Become Aware Of Where Your Energy Is Going.
Start keeping track of all the activities you’re engaging in and for how long you’re engaging with them. Do this for a week or however long you need to, and then take a step back and ask yourself if the things you’re engaging with serve you and are moving you in the direction you want to go.

10. Learn How To Delegate.
I believe if you want to get something done, do it yourself. I also know that I do not like to be stressed out and losing my mind, I’m only one person and there’s only so much I can do. Be aware of when the time comes to delegate, and when the time comes, delegate. Of you’re like me and struggle with control issues this will be infinitely more difficult, so you’ll have to be even more aware than most.

11. Get Rid Of Distractions.
The mind cannot operate at it’s optimum level in a place riddled with distractions. Great space for clarity. Declutter. Progress is impeded by clutter and clutter comes but in tangible and intangible forms, learn how to deal with both efficiently and effectively. The name of the game is simplify, simplify, simplify.

12. Stop. Step Back. Reevaluate.
It is highly counter productive to continue to pour out your energy into something that doesn’t feel right, that’s insanity, and even though we’re all insane on different degrees on the scale, don’t do that. Instead, step back and reevaluate your progress so far. It’s important to do so when you feel a lull. Success owes itself to people who can switch horses midstream. The future belongs to those who can unlearn and relearn and you can’t do so without taking time out to objectively reevaluate your progress so far.

13. Set Up Systems.
Systems are repeatable and duplicable processes that are completely in your control, they are different from goals in the sense that they enable you to get things done and still have time to live. Create habits that support the life your trying to build and use those habits to create systems that work for you and your unique needs. Systems aid in the replication of success.

14. The Struggle Is Part Of The Process.
I’ve learnt an important lesson about pain and struggle, the presence of them means there is an opportunity for growth and expansion, and I’m addicted to growth. Because something is difficult does not mean it’s wrong, it just means you need to either show up, take responsibility and step up to the plate, or don’t and stay stagnant. The choice is yours. Expecting that what is meant to be will be easy is not it, that’s a model that isn’t always true.

In summary, streamline your energy and focus, ride the waves of inspiration and intrinsic motivation, and focus that streamlined energy all the way to completion of whatever it is that you’re trying to produce. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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