What Women Bring To The Table

Now that I’m grown, I’m starting to realize a lot of things that are just wrong. In fact some of these things are so wrong that can’t even begin to fathom how they even came into existence and became a thing. One of these said things is the devaluing of women. My mind can’t even wrap itself around this concept because women literally make the world go round. This planet without us would be utter and absolute chaos. ABSOLUTE. I’ve taken the time to outline some of the most beautiful things that women possess that can’t be replicated quite in the way a woman does because she is the embodiment of it naturally. You can’t beat nature.

Balancing, inspiring and expansion causing. Two major energies that rule mankind are the Masculine and Feminine energies. These energies were created to work as a team and to complement, not complete, complement each other, fill in the gaps where the other is lacking. We all have both energies in ourselves but whether you were born male or female determines which is dominant. Femininity is amazing because it inspires, and isn’t inspiration what most of us chase, yet here I stand an embodiment of inspiration, disgraced and disrespected. It’s totally unfair and doesn’t make any sense.

No one does beauty quite like a woman, and I’m not referring only to the superficial kind of beauty, even though that’s a major part of it as well, I mean let’s not get into the vanity of it all cuz I absolutely love it! I’m talking about the beauty that stems from the heart. It’s kind of why we all think our mothers are the most beautiful and the best that there ever was, cuz we get to see there hearts and the love that flows from them and the beauty that lies within.

Feelings, sex appeal, seduction, allure, mystery, temptation, desire. All powerful and natural characteristics that women possess. Wars have been fought and kingdoms torn down because of the ability of the woman to embody sensuality and yet the claim is that we are worthless? Miss me with that bullshit. Like right now.

Softness, kindness, grace, caring, understanding, emotional support. Support. I like that word as a descriptive word for women. It kind of makes me visualize a cushiony softness that’s always there to envelope you when things get tough. And isn’t that what women do? They nurture and they support and meet needs in ways that nothing and no one else can. It’s really phenomenal to think about.

Dumb jokes, humor, dreams, nurtured egos, inspiration to conquer. To be fair, all women are built for companionship, but not all step into is power cuz you know what? It’s not an easy task to accomplish, especially when the delicate balance is already skewed. But those that do are powerful and should be respected and treated accordingly.

I think it’s a fact that women are the best multitaskers. They keep track of their family and all the minor details that that entails, they stay on top of their jobs and relationships without batting an eyelash or breaking a sweat. They were right when they said that not all superheroes wear capes, and this is a classic example of that scenario!

None of is would be here on this planet at this moment of it wasn’t for a woman’s desire to birth you. That in itself is mind-blowing, the fact that a woman is able to create and birth another living being from herself. Isn’t it mind-blowing? We tend to take these things for granted because of how common they are, but they’re not. They are magical and mystical occurrences that blow my socks of and should yours too!

For my women out there, know that you do not need to subject yourselves to a life that is devoid of abundance when you are made of so much! There’s a whole universe inside you, leave the boundaries of your mind and step into the power of your soul. What you bring to the table is priceless. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.

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