Enhance Your Feminine Energy

We all possess a natural energy from the time that we are born. This energy can either be activated, cultivated or surpressed. Femininity is not how you speak, dress or look. It is an energy.

Feminine Energy is playful, it is light, fun, nurturing, powerful and sexy. Some women live in a masculine state and some men in a very feminine state. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just an energetic state in which we choose to live in. Which means we can opt out if we decide it doesn’t serve us anymore.

Being Feminine is internal and is something that takes effort. A lot of women haven’t been taught to maintain their femininity and we recognize that as a deficit in our communities and society which we need to change. The narrative of the strong black woman has been pushed so far down our throats that it’s difficult for many to connect back to their feminine energy.

It’s a given that sometimes we have to put ourselves in masculine energy cuz of our careers or the given situation we find ourselves in or encounter in life because we need to assert ourselves. Some career paths are just more masculine than others. It is what it is and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the society we live in. That’s why energy is fluid and dynamic. We adapt to survive.

The good thing is that we can switch back and forth between energies when we need to. If however you want to tap into and enhance your Divine Feminine here a few tips that helped me in my journey and I hope they will be of benefit to you as well.

1. Create a Sacred Ritual for Yourself. Have a Spa day. Get a Yoni Steam. Do something to love and cherish yourself. Do something for you that’s completely selfish and makes you feel whole. No one can love you like you love you.

2. Look Great Always. Expressing your beauty and Feminine self will help you to exude a Divine frequency enhancing your creativity and flow and in the society we live in, even though it’s mostly unconscious, the better you look the better you get treated.

3. Surround Yourself With Feminine Women. You become who you spend the most time with so surround yourself with like minds and watch how much fuller your life will become.

4. Go Out In Nature. Everything about nature is directly tied to Femininity, after all she is our mother right? Nature is the embodiment of growth, birth, creation and expansion. The wellspring of the Divine Feminine comes back to you when you immerse yourself in it, it’s frequency is high. You become more alive. More awake. More aware.

5. Have Baths. Water is one of the most healing elements, it soothes and flows. It’s in tune with Femininity, if you don’t understand the characteristics of Femininity, study water and you’ll learn. Incorporate essential oils, flowers candles and music to create an atmosphere of serenity.

6. Spend Time Alone. We don’t realize it, but a lot of us have a difficult time being alone with ourselves and our thoughts because I mean it can be hard . You have the time to sort through things and get real accountable for your actions. Which is exactly why it’s necessary.

7. Listen To Music. It is said that the frequency of healing and creation is 432 hertz. Tune yourself into the frequency of creation and let your energy flow.

8. Embrace All Your Emotions. The Divine Feminine is an intentional creator. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality and if your unaware of them you have zero control over what manifests itself into your reality. Take the time out to really feel your feelings, journal if you have to, in fact it’s recommended. Be like a volcano that constantly let’s spurts up. Let it all out. Don’t bottle anything in. Be in tune with yourself. Allow yourself to be. Some helpful prompts for Journalling are: what are you grateful for? How am I feeling in this present moment? How can it be better? What do I know for sure? What are my desires? What is something I want to create in my life experience? Etc.

9. Embody Abundance. Live passionately doing what you love. Connect to something deeper than what you’ve been previously experiencing, dig a little deeper. The source of joy and happiness lies within.

10. Embody Spirituality. So far the approach to spirituality has been very masculine and linear, emphasizing making or getting heaven. Now we’re switching over, bringing the Divine to the physical, experiencing heaven on Earth. Embrace yourself as sacred, after all you are the physical manifestation of the Divine. Integrate: face & heal.

11. Embody Sovereignty. The time to step into your power is now. Integrate and create balance between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Take the time out to understand cycles, seasons and most importantly the times. We have been so blessed with the ability to adapt and survive. To weather any storm that comes out way with regal grace and empowerment. Don’t let that go to waste.

12. Embody Love. Above all, embrace love with open arms and let it be your true north. It’s the right frequency. Let all you do be in and out of love.

We’ve been resting in the masculine for a while now, and it clearly has not been serving us. It’s time to take back our heritage and stand in our Divine Power. We need the balance and harmony it brings. I hope this helps. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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