Physical Type Femininity

We made it to the fourth and final part of the Femininity Type Series, today I’m going to tackle the physical type. Let’s get into it.

This type uses sexuality and sensuality to master Femininity. It aids in developing a healthy sensuality, which shouldn’t be mistaken for sexuality. This type is about tuning into your senses, being present in the moment and grounded in the reality of your existence. It brings balance and helps you feel more comfortable in your body which helps you enjoy life more. This type likes to look good, smell good & has a grown woman sex appeal.


Confident. Sexy. Attractive. Seductive. Sensual. Present.

Touchy feely.

Romantic & Thoughtful.

Big on gifts and money.

Likes tidiness & organisation.

Disciplined & Focused.

Keeps themselves & their environment up to par.

Good at sticking to routines.

Firmly rooted in reality. It is what is it mentality.

Mature & Practical.

The Shadow Side

Too Revealing. Overly Sexual.

Stingy. Greedy. Selfish. Self-absorbed.

Rigid & Limited in beliefs.

Cautious. Stern. Strict.

Comes in handy when it’s time to stand firm in beliefs.

Pays attention to detail.

Develop This Type…

Stimulate your senses.

Play with scents & perfumes.

Experience fine dining.

Buy lingerie in different materials.

Go sightseeing.

Exercise or Dance. It helps you feel your body.

Listen to instrumental music.

Pleasure yourself or if that’s not your jam, engage in a good amount of foreplay.

Practice Grounding (walking barefoot in the grass or earth and connecting with it).

With that I conclude the Femininity Type Series. I hope it was helpful. Don’t forget, we all have a mix of the types but most of us lead with one or the other. Take the time to develop the less dominant aspects in and watch yourself bloom! Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.

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