Happiness Boosters

I think on a subconsciously level we all in our own ways expect a magic pill to turn up and just solve every single one of our problems, unfortunately it’s not designed to work like . There’s no quick fix to the myriad of challenges we will encounter on our journey. It takes work, and that just the bottom line. You either deal with it or you don’t.

Something we tend to forget is that everyone has trauma, on form of it or the. Hurt people hurt people. It’s the vicious cycle that we need to break and we can only do that by working on our own pain and creating our own personal bubble of joy and happiness. But the thing is, if you force yourself to ride the wave of happiness you might end up drowning. But if you relax and go with the flow, you might actually end up floating!

Happiness is about living a life that is aligned with your values and mindfully accepting and working with whatever life throws at you. Here are a couple of simple everyday things you can incorporating into your routine to give you a happiness boost, we all need one every now and again.

A Hot Drink or Glass of Wine & a Movie.

Puzzles & a Podcast/Vlog.

Supporting Local Businesses. Being of service to those who would genuinely appreciate it.

Get Crafty In The Kitchen.

Go on a Brunch Date.

Treat Yourself to a Pamper Session.

Fresh Flowers, Potted Plants or Gardening.

Have a Spa Day.

A Weekend Vacation.

Invest in a Great Scented Candle or Diffuser.

Take a Day Off Without Purpose.

Practice The Art of Saying No.

Happiness isn’t about your problems or even mine. It’s about unity and integration more than anything else, unity with self, unity with others, unity with God. We all have different stories but it would serve is best to know that we also always have a choice in those stories. We’re not all endowed with endless, steadfast positivity but we can all choose to see possibilities. We can choose to see the silver linings. Don’t expect on session of yoga or meditation to solve every single one of your life’s problems. You have to put in the work. But at least now you get to put in the work whilst simultaneously maintaining your sanity and having a little bit of happiness and sunshine sprinkled here and there. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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