Feeling Type Femininity

This Femininity Type is intuitive, nurturing, mysteries and transmutive. It uses the emotions to master Femininity and teaches us how to maximize our Feminine power.

This type is connected to the mother archetype and is kind, caring, sensitive, emotional and empathic. It makes it easy for people to be drawn to or approach you because you give of warm and inviting vibes. This type can be emotionally complicated and hyper aware, easily picking up on energies. The domestic goddess, this type embodied traditional Feminine qualities that can be used in various ways that involve birthing or creating. The ultimate embodiment of love, warmth and affection.


Powerful & Captivating.

Adaptable & Persuasive Soft Power.

Effective in Seduction.

Naturally Excel as great wives and mother’s.

Selfless & Generous.

Enjoys taking care of others.

Has a natural appreciations for life.

Good with kids.

Patient. Kind. Positive.

Resourceful & Economical.

Quiet. Peaceful. Reserved. Relaxed.

Adaptable, Likeable & Humble.

Makes friends easily.

Makes people comfortable around them.

Needs solitude to recharge.

Has a strong need to help others.

Not attention seeking.

Good at being social.

Hard to figure out.


Emotionally Aware & Intelligent.

Master of emotions.

Can transform and reinvent themselves.

The Shadow Side

Too Nice. Too Passive. Too Generous.

Doesn’t speak up for themselves.

Are not honest with their feelings.

Go along to get along.

Allows people walk all over them.

People Pleaser.

Out of touch with reality.

Too Vulnerable or Too Guarded.

Neglects self-care.

Overly Sensitive. Childish. Petty. Pessimistic.

Insecure. Inferiority Complex.

Introverted Recluse.

Overcomplicated. Paranoid. Self-destructive.

Comes in handy with self preservation. Survival isn’t always pretty or nice.

Develop This Type…

Recognise and trust your intuition.

Tap into your nurturing side.

Birth something.

Nurture yourself. Invest in self care rituals.

Be mysterious, don’t share too much.

Feel more than you think.

Tap into your domestic side.

Learn how to handle constructive criticism.

Be nicer to yourself and others.

Become an active listener and observer.

Identify and honor your feelings. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling & figure out why.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Vent your feelings productively.

Release harbored hurts. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

Tap into your transmutive abilities.

Commit to transforming yourself daily.

Tap into your subconscious mind. Start a dream journal.

Connect with water, it’s life giving. Plus it holds memory, is transformative, cleansing, it epitomizes flow and enables you to be reflective.

Connecting with our feelings is not easy but it’s necessary. It’s all about balance. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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