Effortless Manifestation

One thing I’ve learnt about manifestation is that you don’t actually have to consciously engage in thinking about things in order for you to manifest them into your reality. You just have to be a vibrational match, it’s all in your subconscious. There was an example that Bruce Lipton gave about a 40 bit processor put up against 4 million bit processor, which would win the battle when it boils down to it? I think it’s obvious. That’s how it is when you put your conscious mind against your subconscious you’re playing a losing game. Understanding this changed my perspective so much. Your vibration creates your reality which means both the vibrations you’re aware of and those buried under the surface are projected out into the universe and come back to you as whatever you’re manifesting. It’s a good thing our subconscious tapes and vibrations can be rewritten to enhance manifestation. Here are three ways you can begin to manifest effortlessly. Let’s get into it.


Rewrite Your Subconscious.

Your conscious through repetition can change your subconscious. The power of habit. Do something long enough and consistently enough and you’ll become great at it. It works the same way with the mind. Also get rid of limiting beliefs and stop reinforcing negative patterns, get rid of fear, that’s your only enemy. You were made for magic, don’t let anyone eor anything tell you otherwise. Your subconscious beliefs do not have to be negative. Positive self talk is important in carrying out this action. You can do it.


Take Care Of Yourself.

I cannot overstate this point. There’s just something about taking care of not only your physical self, but also your emotional and spiritual being that propels you forward into a world that’s beautiful beyond your imagination. Try it and you’ll see. Listen to your body, listen to your thoughts, listen to your spirit. Go with what feels good and natural to you. Trust your intuition and guidance, it is Divine. Be conscious of what goes into to your being, what you put in is what you will have to give out.


Stay Present.

Enjoy the process of your life instead of always wanting to be somewhere else or always thinking of the next destination, journey or adventure. Bask in the now. This is something I struggle with cuz you know what, I’m impatient and I want what I want now, sometimes I forget that there’s beauty in the moments and you can never get that back. Now I’m learning to stop and smell the roses. When you trust the process you reduce a shit ton of anxiety that you’ve placed on yourself. Joy, happiness and fulfilment are not in the future, they are now. Where you are is where you need to be, don’t be so caught up in your tunnel vision that you forget to peruse all that you have been blessed with. You chose this, so enjoy it.

It’s time to step into the abundance that is our inheritance, what are you waiting for? Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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