Action Type Femininity

Back again with another archetype and I’m just gonna get right into.

This type has to do with using your ambition to master femininity. It includes the qualities involved in having a winners mindset which are absolutely necessary for feminine development. Being strong doesn’t always have to do with physical strength. A lot of times it’s more about using the qualities you possess in the right way. Being feminine is not about losing your strength but rather applying it correctly so it serves you. It’s not enough just to be pretty, you have to feel worthy as well. This type is almost a god complex, it gives you the courage to just do it, to go for it and regardless of the chaos that arises, it enables you to thrive within it. With this type, you can turn your will, anger or even rage to something beneficial.


Courageous. Blunt. Outspoken. Focused. Assertive.


Nothing they can’t have.

Don’t care what others say.


Their own cheerleaders.

Most confident type.

In relationships are straightforward and don’t mind initiating intimacy.

Not easy catches.

Not afraid of saying no.

Pioneers. Trailblazers. Natural Leaders.

Passionate. Fearless. Impactful. Influential.


Go Big or Go Home Mentality.

Creates Change.

Charitable. Loyal. Hopeful.

Regal. Dignified. Classy.

They Stand Out.

The Shadow Side

Overworks & Overdoes Things.

In constant competition.


Too Independent.

Aggressive. Impulsive. Belligerent.

Always Irritable & Uncompromising.

Helps everyone at their own expense.

Obsessed with dismantling oppressive systems.

Comes in handy in giving the courage to stop muling.

Destroys things that do not serve.

I deserve better attitude.

Develop this type…

Set small goals and achieve them. Start slow, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Be your own cheerleader. You are the shit.

Self affirm daily. I am worthy. I am valuable etc…

Jump in. Face one of your fears.

Free yourself. Get out of your comfort zone.

Just do it! Don’t be afraid to look stupid.

Embrace the unknown & avoid negative expectations.

Surround yourself with ambitious people.

Practice confident body language. Good posture, eye contact, minimal fidgeting etc.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Always try again.

Find your purpose

I hope this helps you to integrate another piece of yourself. What are you waiting for you sexy ambitious beast? Get out there and dominate! Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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