Thinking Type Femininity

In my earlier post I gave a summary of the four basic femininity types, so now I’m going to dig a little deeper and explore each archetype. We’re kicking this off with the thinking type. Let’s get into it.

This type of femininity teaches us how to be clever, charming and detached from situations and outcomes. The archetype uses the mind to master femininity. Having layers to your personality is fantastic but not when it comes without balance of character. Having a level of emotional detachment and identification of oneself as separate as well as whole is necessary plus the juxtaposition is mentally stimulating. It’s about using your mind to get everything your heart desires. The mind-heart connection. This type is clever, caring and quick on their feet. They know when to detach themselves from things they are getting too attached to or obsessing over. The development of this type in yourself will assist you in handling heavy and sensitive topics with ease. It will also help you unplug and remain carefree and seemingly unburdened. It grows your multidimensionality and helps you to never be stuck in any situation you may find yourself. It also helps you to not be clingy and overemotional, knowing when to move to your logic and reason over emotional outbursts. With this type you don’t just use your appeal but your mind as well to advance in life.


Intellectual. Scholars. Clever. Cunning.

Could be considered nerdy or quirky.

Are scientific or philosophical or both.

Naturally Intelligent.

Creative Idea Generators.

Quick With Responses.

Good Balance Between Logic & Emotion.

Great Advice Givers, Mediators & Communicators.

Instinctively Know What To Say, Do Or How To Act To Get What They Want.

Expressive And Open.

Asks A Lot Of Questions.

Stimulated By Conversation.

Has A Healthy Curiosity.

Needs A Good Amount Of Mental Stimulation.

Gets Bored Easily.

Doesn’t Get Too Easily Attached.

Needs A Level Of Detachment From Everyone To Be Happy.

Trendy, Youthful, Bubbly, Glamorous, Fun, Playful & Original.

Puts A Lot Of Thought Into Everything.

The Shadow Side

Careless. Manipulative. Shallow. Callous. Superficial. Inconsistent. Changeable. Indecisive. Restless. Liars. Clinically Cold.

Lacks focus because of too much going on in their heads.


The shadow side however, comes in handy when it’s time to detach from toxic situations or relationships. It also makes it easier to cut off anything that doesn’t serve you even when emotion is present. This type is fantastic at playing the game.

Develop This Type

Wait a while before you react to something emotionally triggering.

Get comfortable with solitude and independence.

Do your own thing. Get a hobby or follow your passion.

Don’t chase men.

Clean up your social media, be strategic about how you present yourself to the world.

Be intentional. Always have a plan.

Play chess, crossword, Sudoku, puzzles.

Improve your vocabulary.

Read up on current events.

Be complimentary, show interest in others.

Smile and be carefree.

Get an education and self educate. Common sense isn’t common.

Be sweet, kind and charming.

Stay present in the moment.

Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments section below.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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