Affluent Habits

I’m a big fan of self improvement and taking responsibility for your life because I mean, it’s yours, who else is going to care enough or be able to intuit what’s best for you other than you? Exactly, there’s no one. Somewhere in my journey, I learnt that habits (aka the things we do repeatedly and unconsciously) are the blocks that make or break you. I also came to realize that I had really poor habits for someone who wanted to be an affluent individual, but I’m better now thank goodness plus I’ve picked up some things that I can now share. Let’s get into it.


Troubleshooting Your Problem.

I used to just go with whatever that saved me with dealing with whatever obstacle that happened to cross my path. I think it’s called avoidance, sweeping it under the rug. That never works. It always resurfaces to bite you in the ass and already at the most random times. Now it’s happened to me enough times that I’ve buckled my seatbelt and learnt how to tackle whatever comes at me. My formula is analyze, strategize and then take action, this is where growth and transformation take place, and oh my days, was I pleasantly surprised with the results. We should be operating like this all the time so it because an unconscious action. Use this to analyze where you are in life, challenges, blockages, your power or lack of, patterns etc. Break free from the crowd mentality and be all you can be.


Are You A Dreamer, A Doer Or Both?

At all costs, avoid getting stuck in lalaland. Of course your dream vacation planned perfectly right down to every single detail is somewhere you’d want to be, but for how long? Would you want to be stuck there forever unable to get back home? I wouldn’t, home is everything. There’s power in dreaming but all that dreaming falls short when you don’t back it up with any meaningful action. Dreams stay dreams because faith without works is dead. Dream big but don’t stay there, learn and make it a habit to take action and solidify your dreams in place and watch how abundant your life becomes.


Transformation Never Stops.

I always thought of transformation as a destination, but it actually isn’t, at least not for me, cuz this is what happens when transformation becomes a destination in your mind. You start to think when this and that fall in place or when I develop or acquire this or that I would have arrived. That’s a box, and I don’t like boxes. When you actually do attain your goal you just stay stagnant while life around you keeps moving, growing, thriving. It’s not cute at all cuz you’re doing it to yourself and there’s just so much more than what we perceive!Energy is dynamic and constantly changing, which means maintenance is forever. You can’t get lazy with it all all, you’ll get left behind. If you want to be on a certain level you have to make the sacrifices necessary to operate on that level. Put away the entitlement and always be on top of your game. No pressure.


Value Your Time.

There’s one thing you can never get back. Time. Never waste your time on anything that isn’t of value to you, and yes what is of value to you as an individual takes precedence and Trump’s every other thing. Don’t let anyone guilt or shame you for setting your boundaries. Remember that every time you say yes to something you’re saying no to a myriad of other things.


Be Clear About What You Want & Go Get It.

Procrastinating is the opposite of taking action, and it’s one of the habits I find myself constantly slipping back into. But when I think about my goals I realize that I need to have laser focus where they are concerned. I know where I want to be, I just need to get off my ass and get it. Evaluate your desires, create a strategy and go.


Don’t Care About What Others Think.

I could argue that this is the most important point to ever exist, that’s just how passionate I am about it. The concept of making myself miserable because some other person has decides that they delight in my misery doesn’t sit well with me. Develop thicker skin and be immune to naysayers all they do is project their incapability of transcending bounds on you. Fortunately, I don’t subscribe. We can’t escape the noose but we can take an active part in blocking it out.

These are some of the habits I think we all need to cultivate and incorporate into our daily lives if we’re working towards crafting a better quality life for ourselves than we have previously had. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Till next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.

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