Bedroom Etiquette

I don’t know where the culture is taking us, but I know I’m also not sure I’m on board with all the changes that are permeating our existence. The pace is unsustainable and the practices are sub par. We need to step it up cuz tbh we’re becoming too lazy and comfortable where we are. Because of this I decided to do a piece on things we should be doing in the bedroom, but aren’t really a priority for us because of the way our lives have evolved and frankly cuz for most, we’re just trying to be comfortable. Still, you can be polished, flawless, shiny AND comfortable. Let’s get into it.


Never Wear Ugly Clothing In The Bedroom.

You should always look your best. This includes when you’re sleeping or lounging. No compromises because when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good, it’s an endless cycle of pleasure that I think we should all hop on.


Always Freshen Up Before Bed.

Without getting into esoteric shit, baths or showers before bed are refreshing which makes sense cuz you’re washing off the days activities, stress and burdens, preparing yourself for the blissful night ahead. Why wouldn’t you want that? Freshen up, you’ll feel good and experience improved sleep quality.


Don’t Work In Your Bedroom.

Honestly, typing that was even hard for me cuz I’m sooooo guilty of this one. But I really really really want to stop. I’m working towards it. I don’t think we should be working where we rest. Energy is dynamic and patterns and habits become ingrained in us. These are some of the habits we engage in that become a problem for us and we wonder how that problem even manifested itself in the first place. Save yourself the trouble and don’t work in bed unless you absolutely have to.


Never Sleep In Active Wear.

I used to do this all the time because it was convenient, especially when I worked out in the mornings. It meant I would just get up and ready put my shoes on and go right? Wrong. Convenient isn’t always the best option. I wasn’t respecting myself and my sleep cuz you know what I realized? Rest is something sacred and a lot of people are not able to get it because we don’t realize that the practices and habits we engage in are essentially self sabotaging. I’m sure you’re wondering how I went from active wear to the sacredness of rest, but that’s just how it is. Life is sacred and we seem to forget that. Take the time out to wear things that make you feel good to bed, it will boost your happiness and the quality of your life. as well as relationships.


Don’t Sleep on Cotton Pillowcases.

Cotton is fantastic for so many thing. I’m a big fan of cotton lol. But not when it comes to pillows cuz you know what’s better? Silk, yes, magnificently luxurious silk! I’ll tell you why it’s better. When we sleep, we’re basically rubbing all up on our sheets and pillows, this creates friction and what does friction do to our skin and hair? Wrinkles and split ends, yes. We don’t want that, not about that here at all. This black ot crack as long it’s in my power to maintain it lol. Of course for your hair there are alternatives like bonnets and scarves but I don’t know any for skin so just do yourself a favour and get a silk pillowcase. Satin could also be a good substitute.


Keep Your Devices in Another Room.

I’ll not lie. I don’t think I can do this. But the truth is that it’s healthier. We spend so much time on our devices that we forget how to be present in reality, and the bedroom is an intimate space, we should respect that. For those that have partners, this practice could help to boost your relationships cuz many spend the moments before bed with their devices and that doesn’t really work out in creating intimacy does it?


Value The Way Energy Flows In Your Spaces.

I believe this is called ‘Feng Shui’ which refers to the laws which govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. I’m of the opinion that understanding and utilizing energy is the key to success. Your ability to tap into it’s flow and use that flow for your benefit is critical in life. This translates into everything we do as well as how we arrange our living spaces. Learn how to maximize the good energy coming your way!

Let me know in the comments if there are any other practices you think we shouldn’t be engaging in in the bedroom. Until next time!

Yours truly, Chalya.


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