How To Get What You Want

I don’t do well with not getting what I want. If I want it I’m going to have it no matter the cost, thats just how it has to be. But considering how life goes, it doesn’t really work like that. So I had to figure out a way to always get what I want and because the universe is so kind, loving and gracious, everything I needed to get through that was made available to me and now I can share with you my faves on getting what you want. Let’s get into it.


Get Into Flow.

What do I mean by getting in flow? Let’s do this, think about how water moves, think about it’s fluidity, it’s sensuality, the liquidness of it. Feel that in your body, not in your mind, in your body, in your being, your existence. That’s exactly what I mean by flow.

Flow is a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in feelings of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of activities. AKA the art of letting things happen. Doesn’t that definition already make you want to experience it? For me it does. Experiencing flow comes from engaging in what you love and are passionate about, that thing that you feel you were born to do or feel called to pursue. The thing that you uld be found doing even if you weren’t getting paid. You’re passionate about it and it’s fantastic in a challenging but not stressful way. But you don’t get this feeling just like that. You have to clear away distractions and learn to focus. Smile. Have fun, but focus. Where does that take you? And how do you know you’ve gotten there? Well, I for one experienced a clarity that was a little bit freakish in nature, knowing precisely what it is you need to do and in which manner you need to do it in order to get what you want but not knowing how you know. Mind-blowing stuff. Another thing that happened was that things seemed to be moving faster than normal and time seemed a little more transient and not really relevant. Still, not dwelling on that, everything was more colorful and intrinsically rewarding. I experienced a balance and clarity that could only have been explained as Divine. Effortless ease. Improved performance. Man, idk, I think you get my drift. That’s flow.


Don’t Be Attached To The Outcome.

Attachment means grasping. Grasping means struggling to hold on to. Holding on to means paddling against the current. Paddling means resistance and inability to relinquish control and that in itself means you are not in flow. Which is the key point in getting what you want. If you didn’t know now you do. Holding on to control is a prison of your own making. You do not need it. It doesn’t serve you. Really, it doesn’t. Whether it’s control in the real sense of it or maybe even a false sense of control, it doesn’t serve you legit legit and I know this cuz I still struggle with letting go of control, I like things to be how I like them to be, and that’s most of us. But like they say once you become aware of something, it starts to lose its power. Take a deep breath and shhhhhhh, just let it happen, however it happens, and trust me it will blow your mind.


Stay Present.

Be in the energy of having whatever it is that you want while creating it. What I like to refer to as gratitude. Appreciation for what you have in this present moment. The universe is a mirror, it mirrors energies, frequencies and just like how a radio works in order for you to receive data, your frequency has to match. We do that by being grateful for the things that we have while resting in the feeling of it just growing and growing till you just pop wit it and it brings all over and can’t help but touch everyone who comes in contact with you lol. That’s what I call being a ray of sunshine. But now, fun and games aside, think seriously about what you’re working towards and imagine having it. Remember or flow exercise? Really feel it in your body, how does it feel to have it? You also have to work towards raising and maintaining your energy and vibrations. Practice visualisation as well, what would be referred to as daydreaming except take away the negative connotation, it’s fun and it works!

Some other things you could do are create vision boards or start a vision journal whatever works for you, cuz you know what? Thought become things. You get what you put out so why not just go H.A.M. on this one and put out the biggest baddest most abundant shit you could imagine for yourself and then watch it manifest itself into your reality. I think it’s worth giving it a shot don’t you?

Yours truly,



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