The Truth About Being A Feminine Asset

An asset is something that brings value. A lot of beliefs concerning being a valuable asset have been distorted and these distortions are what we have conditioned our minds to accept as what being an asset is. What we fail to realize is the originators of these mindsets and conditioning created them cuz they served a purpose for them, not you. You don’t gain anything from it. That needs to change. The things we subscribe to need to be creating value for us.

Conditioning says things like “You’re not useful unless you’re sacrificing yourself for the greater good.” “You have to out hustle your man’s hustle.” Excuse me?! This is a generational curse that I do not subscribe to. Your man should ALWAYS be more manly that you are, he should be an asset and not a liability. If he’s a high value man he will appreciate the fact that you’re a woman who is committed to developing herself and her femininity, making you an asset.

Women are not wired to sustain high levels of masculine energy for long periods of time. It wears you down and burns you out. You lose your effervescence and glow, the essence of what makes you you, and for what? Nothing. You get nothing except pain and depression. It’s time to do things differently.

A woman is always her best when she has committed to her feminine education and when she’s resting comfortably in her femininity. If you don’t know where to begin, here are a couple of action steps to ease your process:

1. Study the Feminine Arts.

2. Be consistent in your feminine presentation.

3. Stop participating in role reversal.

4. Set higher standards for yourself and put yourself on a pedestal. It helps to become more high maintenance as well.

5. Stop acting like a man. You don’t have to flex your muscles to be powerful.

6. Stop dating broke men.

7. Only date men who are capable of giving! And I don’t mean only materially.

8. Make it a standard to liase with only masculine men.

9. Stop giving away valuable pieces of yourself to people who are undeserving. You are a prize and you must be earned or won over.

In summary, know your worth. If you don’t someone else will ascribe to you what they feel you deserve, and we all know humans are all innately selfish so I think we can tell how that goes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments below. Until next time…

Yours truly, Chalya.


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