Enhance Your Look

Feeling good starts from the inside but sometimes it helps to accelerate the process by using the external as a catalyst to boost the internal rate of growth and expansion. If you feel good you look good and if you look good you feel good. It’s always nice to put your best foot forward in life so here are my favorite pointers in enhancing your natural assets.

1. Whiten and floss your teeth.
We spend a lot of time and energy concerned about how our breath smells but most of us don’t pay attention to the fact that some of the food we consume has a staining effect over time and can also get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your mouth.  There are so many alternatives now ranging from store bought whiteners to natural and organic like baking soda, coconut oil, activated charcoal etc.

2. Tuck in your shirts and wear smoothing undergarments.
The finishes can make or break your look as well as the foundational pieces. Invest in underwear that fits and tuck or fold your clothing where you need to for a more polished effect.

3. Look for structure in clothing.
Especially when it comes to necklines or sleeves, there’s just something about structure and symmetry that add an edge to your look.

4. Balance out your outfits.
This refers to proportions, shapes and colours. The basic rule to go by is if it’s tight at the bottom it should be loose on top and vice versa. Work with colors shapes and proportions that complement both your skin tone and features as well as each other.

5. Highlight body parts you love.
A lot of times we get caught up trying to hide the parts of ourselves that we’re not so crazy about but in doing this, we tend to neglect those parts that are lovely and amazing and bring us joy. So instead of working to hide your flaws, leave that aside and work towards enhancing the parts you do love like your beautiful bright smile, or your soft caring eyes, or your long long legs. Whatever it is bring it out and bring it out with a vengeance.

6. Don’t buy cheap looking things.
I don’t think I need to explain much. If they look cheep, they will make you look cheap as well.

7. Do your hair (and do the back of your hair as well).
I don’t think I need to spell out the major contribution your hair gives to your appearance, we all know this. Take the time out to care for it. Brush, comb, moisturize, fluff, whatever needs to be done to make it as presentable as possible. Even if you’re into the rough look, there’s rough and there’s rough. Pay attention to the back of your head as well, cuz we don’t see it doesn’t mean others don’t.

8. Keep your nails clean and groomed.
Do not compromise on this! It makes a gi-normous difference and is a direct way of telling how much a person cares about their personal hygiene. The ladies I can say try a little but there’s always room for improvement. The guys not so much. I’m not even saying you have to go all out but go with the basics, clean under your nails and keep them filed and we’ll manicured in the very least. If you can’t manage that cut them short, and please please please, don’t bite your nails.

9. Pluck your brows.
I know a lot of people aren’t blessed with super full fluffy brows, nevertheless, your brows frame your face and how you care for them can make or break the whole appearance of your face. If you have full brows ensure they are adequately groomed to suit your facial features and if you’re struggling with sparseness, castor oil has got you, you just have to be consistent. Let’s also not go overboard with the plucking, you’ll look crazy.

10. Wear clothes that fit well.
The better the fit the nicer you look. Invest in pieces that look like they were made for you or take your pieces in to the tailor to get them fitted to your unique shape. Trust me it makes a world of difference.

11. Use a lint roller.
Unfortunately fabric picks up anything and everything it can get it’s hands on. Invest in a lint roller or even a mini vacuum to get rid of all the tiny piece or lint or hair. Especially if you have pets. Walking around with pet hair is not an attractive look.

12. Say no to scraggly hair.
A lot of us tend to hold on to length when it’s quite obvious that are ends are begging to be relief from the attachment to the rest of our hair. Trim your ends as often as necessary. It’s better to have shorter healthier hair than cling to length that looks scruffy. Use a serum to promote healthy growth also wash and condition your hair often.

13. Have a daily lip colour that you reapply throughout the day.
Look for colors that best suits your complexion, they can be nudes, neutrals or bold, whatever floats your boat and accentuates your gorgeous smile.

14. Wear a fragrance.
Smell is so important. So so so important. It would be great to have a signature scent but if you’re not into that kind of thing, smell clean in the very least.

15. Put jewellery on every day.
We underestimate how much of a difference the little details contribute, but no more. If you’re not comfortable wearing a full set of Jewellery, at least put on some earrings. Stick to metals for a more ladylike look, or darker colors for an edgier one. It’s time to pay attention to them cuz that’s where the charm is.

16. Use concealer when necessary.
It will brighten and clean up your face, keep you looking fresh and beautiful. Be sure to blend properly.

17. Wear lotion, butters and oils all year round.
Ashy never looks good. We’re chasing a healthy flush & glow. Pay special attention to areas like knees, elbows, knuckles, booty and feet, they need the extra love. Incorporate more moisture in your bodycare. This includes staying hydrated always.

Anyone can look polished, we just need to commit to consistently putting in the daily work. I’d be the first to admit that at first it’s not easy but then before you know it it becomes second nature and the benefits really compound. Beauty is about building self-discipline and confidence, putting your best foot forward in everything you do and being the ultimate version of yourself. I hope these tips help enhance your everyday lives. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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