Expressions of Femininity

I know that as humans we tend to get caught up in this being one way and that seems to be the only right way because our minds are accustomed to boxes, right? Let’s not do that here. Let’s refuse to get caught up in one way of expressing our Feminine Power.

Women are very multidimensional beings and femininity, contrary to popular opinion, is not only expressed in the cliché ways that have been exposed to through mainstream media, and I think we need to better cultivate our feminine qualities. In order to do that we’d have to know how each is expressed and the appropriate time to use which expression.

This short list I’m going to give you isn’t anything new or revolutionary, it’s short, conscise and straight to the point. It is based on qualities, psychological archetypes, books like the art of seduction and of course Jungian Types. So here goes.

There are four main form/types of feminine expression, the one you lead with will depend on your personality, but generally, as women, we have a little of each. If you’re completely honest with yourself, you’ll know which of the types is dominant and which lies in the background waiting to be brought forth, either in their light or shadow expression which is usually considered a negative expression but I disagree. It has its place and function. When it boils down to surviving and thriving they can come in pretty handy. The types manifest themselves as:

Feeling Type

With this type, femininity is expressed through feeling or emotion. It’s main qualities are nurturing, domestic and loving. It’s commonly known as the mother archetype and it provides you with the qualities you need to be a wife, mother and homemaker. The shadow side of this type however tends to be too coddling with men but on the flipside of that, it can also help you protect and mother yourself in relationships and life, and that doesn’t always happen by being nice sweet and delightful. Sometimes you have to bare your teeth.

Feeling Type Femininity

Physical Type

Femininity is expressed in the physical plane with this type. Through touch, appearance or anything material. It has the qualities of sensuality, intoxication and allure. It’s also irritable to most people. The shadow side of this type enables you to keep healthy sexual boundaries and protect yourself from negative sexual energy. Women are very sensitive to the energy we allow in and around our bodies. These types of women are also very prone to be overly sexualized cuz of their nature.

Physical Type Femininity

Thinking Type

Femininity is expressed through thought and communication with this type. This type posseses the qualities of clarity, detachment, cool headedness, not clingy, bigger picture vision, calmness. It is necessary because some form of detachment enables one to take a step back and see people or situations for what the really are. As women sometimes we get too wrapped up in our emotions and throw logic to the wind so we need to learn how to be more detached to outcomes, which as a bonus is a very powerful tool in seduction. This for some reason is very appealing to people. It’s primal. The shadow side of this, means you can get too cold and distant and if you’re like me this can manifests itself as being a commitment phobe. But this side can help you cut people off when you need to with no strings attached or even help you not to move too fast in romantic relationships.

Thinking Type Femininity

Action Type

Here, femininity is expressed through courage, strength and passion. This type posseses the qualities of courageousness, ambition and dream chasing. We all have goals outside of being in relationships or at least we should have goals cuz life and femininity are so much deeper than just relationships. The shadow side of this type can often be extremely destructive which can both be a bad and a good thing. Sometimes you need to lay waste to what no longer serves you, and that’s just a part of self preservation which is a good thing.

Action Type Femininity

I hope this solidifies the ways femininity potentially expresses itself in us. It would be good to note that we all possess each of the types but usually we lead with one. I’ll end by saying every woman needs a good and healthy balance of each type to reach her full feminine potential. Let me know which type you lead with in the comments.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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