Understanding The Value of Femininity

Smart women have game and that’s a fact no one can dispute. They equate each other and the absence of one makes it painfully obvious our deficiencies. I’m of the opinion that women under the age of 25 should really be doing the most when it comes to their self expression and figuring out who they are and what they want. This is your time to shine! Hold on loosely to what I refer to as doing the most, this will differ based on the individual but whatever that means to you is what you should be doing.

What you should not be doing however, is laying up with dusties and settling for less than you deserve whether that packages itself as struggle love, low self esteem or hurt feelings. Don’t waste your time and your youth on tears, users, liars and opportunists. You are the prize so act like it and don’t underestimate the power of hindsight ever.

This pattern of thinking and existing may not have been modeled to you, but if you’ve committed yourself to change, growth, advancement and better quality of living, you will have to embody this and not just live it, share it, with your friends and your sisters and your daughters. It’s been said that when the value of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Educate yourself in the feminine arts, and no I do not mean cooking and cleaning. I’m talking about beauty, nurturing, seduction, passive action and strategy.

We teach others how to treat us and the sooner we start treating ourselves like we’re worth something the better it will be for us all. Let us drop this thing where we enjoy seeing other women suffering with us, instead let’s rise and lift others along the way.

Lastly, for some reason we’ve been groomed to think of money as an afterthought, we’ve been told that what matters is love, and sunshine and rainbows and unicorn shit. I live for all of those things, but guess what? Unicorn shit is not a currency and is not going to buy me the Lady Door bag I’ve been eyeing. No, it’s just not. The time has come to annihilate this notion.

I’ll end this simply by saying know your worth, never settle and secure the bag. Take the time out to study and understand the value of what has been freely given to you.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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