Components That Define Your Look

We live in an age where we are sometimes made to feel awkward for wanting to be or engage in activities that are looked upon as quintessentially feminine, but if we are being totally honest about it, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to be or do what you were made to be or do. After all, you are a woman so be a woman. That is where your power lies so why not be the best-goddamned woman you can be, and enjoy it too!

Your look in its entirety is the first aspect that the world sees and if you want to present yourself in a way that actually depicts or says something about who you really are, here are a few components that focusing on can help to define your look, and also embrace or enhance your femininity.

This is the most defining feature of an outfit, which can vary depending on your style. For example, the proportions of a more relaxed look would be:
(A relaxed-fit pant with a loose fitting shirt plus flat shoes OR A sleek look would be a fitted long sleeve top/t-shirt with tailored wide leg pants and strappy block heel sandals.)

Pick 2- 4 colours from your mood boards and figure out which of those shades suit your skin tone, hair and eye colouring best. Add them to your colour palette.

Patterns & Textures
Just like with the colours, figure out which patterns and texture you like and that suit you then learn how to mix and match them.

Once you’ve chosen the proportions you prefer and your colour palette, use that to select accessories that suit your taste and style. Think jewellery, belts, bags, scarfs etc.

Hair & Makeup
Pick a look that is practical, functional and that will accentuate your signature style. Think about how much time you’re willing to invest on your hair and makeup daily. Once that is establishes your look could be artsy, bold or a more natural minimal look, whatever floats your boat.

Details & Accessories
Things like tucking hems, rolling sleeve or contrasting prints and patterns can really transform your look and take it from 0 – 100 in a minute. Learn how to execute the details you want to incorporate in your signature style.

Think a balloon tied to the top of your head so heads up, angel wings on your back so shoulders back. Now strut! Lol. But really its that simple with time and practice you’ll get the hang of it.

Polished & Defined Style
Take care of the little details and always put the best version of yourself out there.

Polite & Positive Demeanour
I like to consider myself a ray of sunshine, shining over a valley of flowers with a beautiful stream flowing by. That’s what I mean when I say positive. Think of this setting in your head. The perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing picnic in nature yeah? Now embody that and spread it to everyone you meet.

Maintaining a Level of Privacy and Mystery
You don’t have to share everything. We live in a generation of sharing and many times oversharing. Know when, where and with whom you need to share and also draw the line.

Behavioural Discretion
Is knowing how to behave in the given setting you find yourself in.

Serene Confidence
Having confidence is one thing, having Serene confidence is an art.  A lot of masculine energy comes to mind when I think of confidence. A lot of shouting, out there action. So with serene confidence, think the opposite of that. Soft, gentle, comfortable confidence that doesn’t push itself on others but draws hem in.

Feminine Grace
This makes room for the imperfections in life.

I hope these pointers are helpful! Don’t forget the most important tip, in everything you do, make sure you’re doing what is best for you, what works for you and what you enjoy most and do it unapologetically, embrace your divine feminine!


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