4 Steps to Finding Your Signature Style

*Step 1*
Refine Your Concept
Make mood board, list the elements you love and want to incorporate into your style, pick a colour palette that suits your taste and skin tone.

*Step 2*
Figure out Your Wardrobe Needs
Body type and colouring, lifestyle job and hobbies. All these things play a huge part in your choice of clothing, it just seems ridiculous to me to have a style that doesn’t suit the type of lifestyle im trying to lead, remember you’re the boss.

*Step 3*
Build a Signature Look Using The Basic Components:

This would comprise of those pieces, which are essential in your wardrobe and can be built up on or styled in various different way. They are versatile high quality pieces.

A furnishing would be a piece that stands out, accentuates, and defines the rest of the outfit in the best way possible.

*Finishing Touches*
One of the most fun parts of style and the part you get the most ease and freedom of experimentation with, are the finishing touches. These consist of things like hair, nails, makeup and accessories. Especially for those who aren’t as bold or willing to make a shouting statement this could be a good way for you to show off your style.

*Step 4*
Stock Your Wardrobe with pieces you love and start styling!


Avoid Investing in Trends
Don’t confuse being trendy with being stylish, trends are actually the antithesis of style. Know the difference it’s important.

Seek Inspiration
Developing your style requires both and inward and outward view of yourself. Look for themes that attract you (mood boards are great, Pinterest or even a physical one), the more aware you are of the styles out there the easier it will be for you to find yours. From there you can look for those who have those themes reflected in them, the key thing is identifying common elements and linking them together.

Test it out
It’s not cool being a copycat (only authentically cool kids here); style should be unique to you. Before finding your style, it’s important to test out different styles and then picking elements you love from each and styling them in a way you love before committing to a specific style.

Look Closely at Your Lifestyle
Your job, hobbies and daily life play a large part in your personal style. Style is not just about looking great, it’s also about practicality. Yes slay, but within reason, we are reasonable queens here. Think about your everyday activities and what makes sense for them. This does not mean you totally disregard the style you actually enjoy; you just need to find creative ways to translate it to your lifestyle needs, which should be fun, challenge yourself a little.

Describe Your Style with a Few Keywords
Keywords help you tie visuals and ideas together which in turn enables you to develop a concept that can later be translated into you signature style. When you think about your style what words come to your head?

Understand Your Body Type
Some things look great on some body types and not so great on others. I cannot stress how important it is for you to know, love and understand your body type in order for you to know what flatters your body type and invest in those pieces that you know you’ll love and enjoy for years and years to come.

Choose Your Colour Palette
Each one of us has unique skin types and colouring, overtones, undertones and all that. Those things as abstract an unimportant as they seem play quite a significant role in how we look. Find colours that complement your skin tone, features and bring out your inner glow, ugh im all about the glow.

Start with Basics
Basics are the most important aspect of your style, doesn’t matter which style. Choose your basics and essentials wisely and it will be so much easier to build your style on them later.

Look at Brands You Love
Every well-crafted and constructed brand has its style DNA, and If you love products from a range of particular brands you can again pick common elements that will help you pick your preferences and define your signature style.

Choose Favourites From Your Closet
The things you love the most in your closet are a great place to start too, they say a lot about you and your preferences. Things that are quintessentially you.

Try these at home and let me know how it goes…

• Make a moodboard that reflects your style. Of things and people that inspire you. Identify define and shape the similar features from them.

• Try wearing basics for a week, what did you miss most? Start building your wardrobe from that.

• What do you love most about yourself? Play up those features.

• Stay neutral for a week, what neutrals did you love most? Use that to pick your base colour palette.

• Create a capsule collection from your style.

Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.

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