Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you’re tired of the cliché activities that take place on Valentine’s Day and you want to have some unconventional fun doing things you love with your loved ones, check out my list, it may not your memory and help you think outside the box this Valentine’s.

Stargazing Picnic + Watching the Sunrise.

Have a Breakfast Date.

Build a Fort and have a Movie Marathon.

Horse Riding + Picnic.

Spa Date + Brunch.

Arts & Crafts Date.

Hide & Seek + Water Fight.

Bake or Cook Together.

Make a Photo Album, Scrapbook or Vision Board.

Smoke Box or Wine Tasting + 21 Questions.

Dress up extra AF, take pictures + Fancy Dinner.

Scavenger Hunt.

Video Games + Game Night.

Visit an Amusement Park or Zoo.

Start a tradition together.

We have the potential to be creative beyond our wildest imagination, why don’t we use this as an opportunity to show our loved ones that side of us? Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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