The Tenth Insight by James Redfield

I’m not going to lie and say this was in any way an easy read. It wasn’t. It was excruciating and overwhelming for many reasons that at this very moment I do not care to get into, but I loved every single word on every single page. I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life not knowing that a piece of literature so brilliantly phenomenal in it’s insight existed and I had no idea of it. Taking that concept even further it’s beyond any emotion I can even express that humanity has had such success in suppressing all this information. If I didn’t know any better I would feel regret at not doing my part to find it sooner but I know that everything happens in ways that enable us to further our evolution.

This book rocked my world and cuz of it plus a variety of other factors, my world is expanding, my horizons broadening. The evolution of my existence is taking place and though I wouldn’t say it’s an easy experience, I’m loving every excruciatingly painful minute of it. And I mean it, it’s excruciating. Understanding the process that humanity had to go through to get where we are today has been a real eye opening journey for me. Not to say that I didn’t know these things, but knowing is not understanding. Now that I understand, I feel and feeling opens a whole different dimension. I thought I was mind blown with the 9 insights, but the scale of this has far surpassed anything I ever thought I would experience in this lifetime.

The thorough exploration of human history and evolution is amazingly accurate in its understanding and portrayal considering the fact that it’s fiction is amazing. I cannot praise it enough. Here are some key concepts.


There are levels of consciousness beyond our own in the spiritual dimension.

We had a birth vision when we came to life on this Earth.

Collectively, we are awakening to the world vision that has been held by our soul groups.

We are realizing that we receive guidance from the spiritual and angelic realm.

We are deeply connected to the people we have relationships with and some of the people we meet at turning points in our life.

We are working towards making the physical realm more spiritual.

Together we are remembering that the worldview is based on the core element of ageless wisdom.

We are learning to hold an intuition and to have faith that it is leading us to the next point on our path.

What we want first exists in our minds and hearts and then becomes a reality through holding that intention.

After leaving the body at death, we will review every episode of our lives. We will be able to clearly see and feel how much love we were able to give to others in every encounter.

The ultimate goal is for humanity to integrate the material and spiritual dimensions. Heaven on Earth.

Amazing read, if you’re a lover of accumulating knowledge and understanding the why’s of our existence, I recommend 10/10. Until next time.

Yours truly, Chalya.


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