Holistic Habits

This year I’m really working at being better and doing better. Improving the quality of my life and unlocking key aspects of my potential that have been so far lying dormant or that I’ve been neglecting and misusing.

I’m also working at approaching it from a holistic point of view cuz I don’t believe in trading one for the other. I think we have the ability to create a partnership and system that doesn’t take from one to give to the other. We can all THRIVE.

I’ve taken the time out to outline a couple of habits I’m working on developing as a foundation for my new holistic lifestyle. I hope they inspire you on your own unique journey.

1. Wake Up Early
This is essential for me cuz I like to lay in bed for the greater part of the morning but I realized that with all that I’m currently working on achieving, I need to work smarter and maximize the hours I have in a day. It’s amazing how much more I get done by waking up (or rather getting out of bed) a couple of hours than I’m used to. Is it easy? No. Have I failed a couple of times? Yes. But I’m working on it and that’s what’s important lol.

2. Use Natural Care Products

Our skin is the largest organ that is part of our bodies and what we put on it is very important. These things seep into our blood streams and can create problems over time. It’s very important to be mindful the products we use.

3. Use Natural Cleaning Products
Some of my favourites are vinegar, baking soda and Castile Soap.

4. Replace Artificial Fragrances
The ingredients in room sprays and air fresheners can be seriously toxic especially when used quite often. They can be swapped for alternatives like candles and diffusers.

5. Stay Hydrated

The human body is made up of mostly water so it only makes sense that we stay hydrated doesn’t it? There’s no downside to drinking loads of water, it flushes toxins and promote optimum function of organs. Say hello to clear skin and higher metabolic activity. However, don’t overdo, everything in moderation. It is possible to drink too much water.

6. Green Juices & Smoothies
Gut health is soooooo important, I can’t overstate this! A majority of the health issues we face can be tied back to gut health so ensure you’re doing the most to combat this, I have a long way to go but at least I’m on the right path.

7. Develop an Exercise Routine
This is a no brainer. Movement is good for the body, it releases all the good hormones and you look popping. This doesn’t have to be some extremely complicated or elaborate routine, just get your heart rate up a little and do it consistently, it’ll go a long way in getting the results you need. Need I convince you more?

8. Develop a Skill
Because why not?
We all have natural talents and things that intrigue us plus we live in a generation where your skill base is your meal ticket. So put in the time and effort to be the best at what you are gifted at and love.

I’d love to know how you plan on developing your own holistic lifestyle and the activities you plan on engaging in. Let me know in the comments below!

Yours truly, Chalya.


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