Go Pro by Eric Worre

If you’re looking to develop your skills in the network marketing industry and become a professional, this book is the way to go. Its both your meal ticket and your map to navigate the industry. Ive read it about three times now but it never hit me they way it did it did this last time. I guess my mind was more ready to accept it’s teachings so here I provide you with a summary of everything I learnt from the book. I hope it enlightens you about he inner workings of the industry.

*Chapter 1*
A summary of the different types of jobs and ways people make a living and why network marketing is better.
There is however a catch to it, you will have a temporary loss of esteem but if you stick through you will reap the rewards.

*Chapter 2*
If you’re going to be involved in Network Marketing you have to decide to go pro.
Focus on skills, everything else will follow.
Treat it like a profession.

*Chapter 3*
All skills involved in Network Marketing are learnable by anyone.

You are the difference between your success or failure.

Take full responsibility. It begins and ends with you.

*Chapter 4*
#Skill 1 – Finding Prospects

Posers make a mental list, their only chance is luck.

Amateurs make a written list.

Professionals have an active contact list. Constantly expand your list.
Network on purpose.

*Chapter 5*
#Skill 2 – Inviting

Don’t be a hunter, be a farmer.
Cultivate relationship, friendships and trust.
Instead of acting like a shark, act like a coach or consultant.

Formula: your ability to get a large group of people to do a few simple things over an extended period of time.

In recruiting there are no good or bad experiences, only learning experiences.

*Chapter 6*
#Skill 3 – Presenting

It’s not about you.

Without duplication NM is just a job.

The person with the marker makes the money. Master the skill of presenting.

*Chapter 7*
#Skill 4 – Following Up

The fortune is in the follow up.

1. Follow up is doing what you said you would do.
2. The only reason to have an exposure is to set up another exposure. Never finish an exposure without setting up the next one.
3. It takes an average of 4-6 exposures for the average person to understand.
4. Condense exposures for better results.

Questions and objections usually fall into 2 categories:
1. Limiting belief in their abilities
2. Limiting belief in network marketing

The best concept to handle this is empathy. Your story will do more for you in overcoming objections than anything else.
Empathy goes hand in hand with another concept called Feel/Felt/Found.

*Chapter 8*
#Skill 5 – Helping Your Prospects Become Distributors

1. Have good posture.
2. Don’t be attached to the outcome.
3. Be very assumptive in your posture.
4. Promote yourself as much as you promote the opportunity.
” We are in this together” mindset
5. Always be prepared.
6. Ask questions and be a great listener.
“Did it make sense to you” “what did you like best” etc.

4 Question Close. Ensure you keep expectations reasonable and realistic.

*Chapter 9*
#Skill 6 – Helping a new distributor get started right

Professionals set proper expectations, they help get quick results and then continue to guide the new distributor.

Game Plan
1. Validate their decision
2. Set their expectations
3. Be a resource
4. Have a get started checklist.
5. Create a game plan for them to rise in ranks.
6. End by giving specific assignments.

The purpose of all this is to get a new distributor over the line, that is the line b/w success and failure. It is easier to quit than to continue.

*Chapter 10*
#Skill 10 – Promoting Events

1. Meetings make money.
2. The most powerful type of meeting is a destination event. Total immersion away from the daily grind is good.
3. You gain strength from the presentations you hear.
4. The concept of social proof at work.
5. The sense of community.
6. Lead by example and never miss an event. Make it to the event no matter what.

Step 1: never miss a destination event.
Step 2: grow the number of teammates that attend events.

There’s a huge difference between being an announcer and being a promoter.

Promoters make the event a priority, are relentless with their message, tell stories that inspire people to action, take nothing for granted, don’t rest until people have registered, paint a picture of how good it will be and benefits of attending.

Professionals don’t buy excuses, instead they work with people to help them understand the importance of attending.

Tell your story. Don’t buy theirs.

*Chapter 11*

1. Anything worthwhile takes time.
2. Your business is only as good as you are.

*The 1/3/5/7 Formula*
It takes about 1 year to become competent and profitable in this business.

It will take about 3 years of consistent part time effort to go full time.

It will take about 5 years of consistent effort to become a six figure earner or above.

It will take about 7 years of consistent effort to become a professional/expert.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do or make more over a shorter period, but if you want to keep earning consistently you have to become an expert.

*How to Learn*
1. Focus on your skills
2. Figure out the best way to learn.
3. Focus on what you can learn from every experience whether good or bad.
4. Be an active student, always learning, always growing.
5. Model successful behavior.
6. Study
7. Be careful of distractions.
8. Take action.

Plan – Do – Review
Make plans, carry them out, reflect on work done. Repeat.

9. If you want to master something, teach it to others.
10. The law of association is a real thing.
Disassociate with toxic people.
Limit association with negative people.
Expand your association with people that can better you.
Find someone who will push you.
Find someone who will inspire you.

11. Dream big, but also know you have to be patient.
12. Anything of value takes time.
13. Become a permanent student.
14. Be different. It might be hard work, but it’s good work.
15. It will take hard work to be the leader you were meant to be.

*Chapter 12*
It is all worth it

1. The Career you will create.
2. The Freedom you will enjoy. Freedom means having choices.
3. The lives you will touch (the ripple effect).
4. The people you will meet.
5. The places you will see.
6. The causes you can contribute to with your time, money and influence.
7. The person you will become.
Network Marketing is an incubator for personal growth.
You’ll learn how to face your fears, solve problems, feed your mind with positives and protect from negatives, grow stronger and you’ll learn how to lead.

The End.


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